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After the phone is fully charged,it is terrible not to release the interface! Jun 05, 2018

Do you also rely more and more on mobile phones? Are you charged several times a day?

Offices, headboards, and even washrooms are equipped with chargers for charging.

One thing to tell everyone today: The charger must be unplugged when the phone is fully charged. The charger that is not connected to the phone on the socket has been working for a long time.

Many people do not agree with this point of view, the road people's opinions are stubborn, but most people have said that usually the phone does not have the habit of pulling the charger after charging.

So, will the charger that is not connected to the phone on the socket be still working as described on the Internet?

We have collected five different brands of mobile phone chargers at different prices to find out in our own laboratory.

Through testing, the five chargers have three current display readings when they are not connected to the mobile phone. How large is the current when the charger is normally charged? Then connect the phone to continue testing.

After the experiment, it was found that when the charger on the socket is not connected to the mobile phone, it is much smaller than the current during normal charging, and some of them are not even one tenth of the current.

If this is the case, if it is put on the socket for a long time, will it be as serious as we say that there is a fire hazard?

It has been found from experiments that as long as the charger is connected to the circuit board, even if there is no load, it will generate a certain current, some current is small, and some current is relatively large.

This is because the charger is a transformer and rectifying device. After it is inserted on the circuit board, it will be powered on. It will consume a certain amount of current and it will always be in working condition!

On the other hand, the charger is a device that converts high-voltage electricity into low-voltage direct current. If the charger is placed on the plug-in board for a long time, it will continue to generate heat, thereby accelerating the aging of devices and materials. A short circuit or high-voltage breakdown occurs, thereby hiding potential fire hazards.

In the world, similar fires are not uncommon. Then how do we get emergency when we encounter chargers or similar electrical appliances that accidentally catch fire?

The hidden danger reminds everybody:

If there is an accident and this kind of fire occurs, we must first cut off the power and cut off the whole house if necessary.

Never use water to fight because water is conductive. In addition, if water is splashed on an electric appliance or a charger, it may easily burst or explode.

In this case, we recommend that you use heavy clothing or bedding to be beaten or covered, and promptly call the police.

Fires are no small matter. Sometimes bad electricity habits can cause fires. Therefore, we must pay more attention to electricity safety in peacetime and take precautions.