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Apple MFi Logo is updated, consumers should pay attention! Mar 23, 2018

Apple updated the packaging requirements and the MFi logo on February 9, 2018; products that have been certified by MFi members after February 9th require the use of a new packaging design and the MFi logo; products that have been certified before February 9 need to be Within 90 days, it changed to a new packaging and MFi logo; the style of the new packaging and the new MFi logo changed more clearly and was divided into three different sizes. Consumers need to pay more attention when shopping.



(the new logo)


(the old logo)

You can see that there are three main changes to the new MFi logo:

1. The three icon icons for products are simplified to a black apple logo, making the new MFi logo more recognizable.

2, the order of the products has changed, "Made for iPod / iPhone / iPad" became "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod" and "Made for iPhone / iPad", which means that the location of the iPod to the secondary product category moved to Last or Cancel.

3, In addition, the font has also changed.

One thing to note is that Apple has increased the protection of intellectual property rights. There is a legal risk for companies that have not obtained official authorization from Apple to use the above MFi logos.

If consumers purchase questionable MFI products, they can ask the Apple official.

About MFi:

Apple's MFi certification (“Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod”) is a licensed program for developers of hardware and software external devices for the Apple iPad and iPhone. The name was originally an abbreviation of Made for iPod. The certification covers a variety of device connectors, including the headset jack, the original dock connector, and the new Lightning connector, as well as AirPlay support. Companies that join the MFi program and pass the certification test can display specific MFi-related logos on their product packaging, such as the "Made for iPod" badge. Promote your electronic accessories with the MFi logo. The MFi logo conveys to customers the following information: This electronic accessory is designed to connect to an iPod, iPhone or iPad and has been verified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.