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Apple power bank = time bomb? Nov 21, 2017

As a product whose main component is chemical battery, the apple power bank, if it is not used properly, or the product protection mechanism design is unreasonable, it is likely to lead to fire, explosion and other incidents. For example, there is no special cooling channel in the structure of the mobile power. However, the lithium battery would generate heat during the process of charging and discharging, causing the internal temperature to rise, which may cause the lithium battery to catch fire and explode.

Explosion reason analysis

1.Use inferior batteries

Apple power bank mainly composed of battery cells, circuit boards and the shell, among which the one that can explode is only the battery cell, and it is the most expensive part of the entire power bank charger. Mobile powers in the market usually use 18650 batteries or solid polymer lithium-ion batteries. There is not such difference between the two in terms of safety, but some small brand workshops would use low-cost substandard batteries or used batteries. Without protection function, these 18650 battery cell, in the case of overcharge, over discharge or short circuit, will make its internal pressure surge. When the pressure exceeds the power that the package steel shell can bear, it will explode.

2. Cut corners on the circuit board

Apple power bank circuit board is not the most expensive parts, but its function is the most important, is the guarantee of the normal operation of the mobile power. Even so, some black-hearted manufacturers will still cut corners on the circuit board, cutting most of the circuit protection design, remain the basic conversion function of the circuit board. Once overcurrent, overcharge, over discharge or short circuit occurs, the circuit board can not automatically power off, if the situation becomes worse, the battery can not withstand anymore, it would explode. In addition, it is particularly common that the circuit board use the shoddy ones to replace the good ones. Poor quality capacitors and poor wire would make the circuit board not heat-resistant, easy to split, deform and lead to short circuit.

3.Improper operation by user

Apple power bank can be seen as a large battery. In high temperature and humidity environment or in the event of short circuit, deform and dismantle, etc., it may explode. In fact, explosion caused by improper operation of mobile power is extremely rare, but we should still keep in mind the basic precautions.

In the process of being used or shelved, we should avoid its contacting with heavy objects or sharp metal objects, to prevent the internal batteries from being squeezed to deformation or pierced by sharp metal objects. At the same time, we should avoid the apple power bank input, output ports contact with keys and other metal objects, which might lead to the short circuit within the battery.

There are many elements which would lead to explosion. We should cut in the source of danger, that is to say, we’d better buy those from qualified apple power bank manufacturers. Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, located in Shenzhen, the gathering place of power bank manufacturers, is a phone battery and mobile power supplier for 18 years. As a company focusing on the middle and high class market, it has broaden its market to the world. We should anyhow choose good quality power banks.
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