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As Apple WWDC 2018 nears: Some applications have been updated May 31, 2018

On the evening of June 4th, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, Apple will formally kick off the WWDC 2018 and there will be a keynote speech. In general, when there is such an operation, it is likely that Apple will release new hardware. Of course, the main character is software, systems, and developers.


Recently, Apple updated the WWDC application in advance to allow users to pay more attention to WWDC. According to Apple's update log, the update redesigned the layout of the interface, allowing participants to more easily find favorite lectures, download videos and labs, etc. This is also a good improvement for those who cannot attend the meeting.


The meeting schedule has also been updated, users can preview Apple's meeting schedule in advance. However, some of the lectures are still under the name of confidential. Apple has used some placeholder names and should announce it after the first day of the keynote speech.


Not surprisingly, on this year's WWDC, new iOS 12, MacOS, tvOS, and WatchOS systems are on the air; in addition, the new iPhone SE 2, iPad Pro, iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro are also likely to be released. So which new product are you most looking forward to?