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Battery technology is the key Future, power bank is just an accessory module Feb 24, 2018

The vigorous development of the mobile Internet industry has brought another vitality to the peripheral accessories.Power bank has become one of the indispensable equipment in our life. From chasing large capacity to chasing multi-functional, and now focus on market segments, the gift power bank industry has changed so fast also shows the market's prosperity, but the future of how gift power bank development, which has become a lot of brands need to think The correct prediction can make sales to a higher level, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

The initial competition of gift power bank mainly in terms of capacity, a larger capacity, a larger than one, seems to make you more peace of mind, but with a long time you will find that we do not absolutely need large capacity, and the volume is too large to use Very inconvenient to up.

Then the second round of gift power bank competition has focused on the function, WiFi storage, wireless routing and other functions to join, enrich the configuration, but also a new round of promotional content, but in fact the real use of these features People are also very limited, users blindly pursue the number of features is not the best choice. So the future, how to serve gift power bank users?

Focus on market segments

Mature product areas, users will be broken down, according to the different needs of the development of targeted products,power bank has now reached this stage. Female products, business products, outdoor products, which has become the most common classification. gift power bank is a chronic consumables, for now, the great potential of the female market, and the variability of such products is very strong, and easy to find a meeting point with other topics, the formation of competitive differentiation.

Fashion, for women

User segmentation is the future trend, female users are very important groups, need stylish appearance of the product, pay attention to and mobile phone products, accessories, such as iPhone5C style, or a variety of strange shapes, which will bring to female users Huge visual impact, this sensory stimulation will be able to get very good market results. In terms of functionality, female users do not have too many requirements, as long as there is a sufficient capacity of 2000-4000mAh.

Business style,for workplace users

The so-called business style, the main appearance is relatively restrained and stable, more suitable for use in the workplace products. When traveling on business, you definitely need a gift power bank supply. So in this environment, reasonable features such as WiFi routing capabilities and built-in wireless storage can match your products perfectly. The LED flashlight and other outdoor features do not have to mix in business products.

Everbright is not good how to explore the development of gift power bank?

Peripheral products,power bank is just a supplement

In fact, the gift power bank may not necessarily be the protagonist in the peripherals, many brands have now introduced with gift power bank features other products, such as mobile phone shell, wireless mouse, etc. This is actually a very good development direction, after all, there are many Users have a soft spot for multi-function products, even if there is no 100% demand, more than one function is good.

The future of power bank must be a market segment competition, but also according to the user to subdivision, gift power bank supply in a sense also belong to consumables, the market potential is still very huge, and the technical threshold is relatively low, then the product Design and positioning requirements will be higher.