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Be aware that your USB cable power bank may cause explosion! Dec 14, 2017

Now the mobile phone are everywhere, and the USB cable power bank have become the most 

important thing for people nowadays.

Now people's demand for rechargeable treasure is also growing, so there are also various types of USB cable power bank on the market. Although it’s nice and easy to use, it can also bring security risk.

Guangdong Bureau of Quality Supervision released the 2017 Guangdong Province USB cable power bank product quality supervision and inspection announcement, the results show that among 80 batches of mobiel power products, there are 29 batches of product are unqualified. Unqualified product discovery rate is 36.3%. It means that among 10 USB cable power banks, there are 4 that is unqualified. If you think the quality is nothing more than a power failure. Then you are so naive!

It is said that, in this unqualified 29 batches of USB cable power bank products, there are 18 batches of products that can not pass the heavy loads test. It means that when these USB cable power banks are striked, they might cause fire, explosion and other phenomena.

In addition, among the unqualified 29 batches of products, there are 14 batches which is failed in the flame retardant shell project.

Besides, there are 49 batches of products detected to be capacity virtual standard phenomenon. Some USB cable power banks’ marked capacity is thirty thousand milliamperes, but the actual test result is only 18,000mah. Equivalent to only about 60% of nominal capacity.

In order to avoid explosion of USB cable power banks, you need to pay attention to the following things when buying:

1. Buy product with a complete logo. Products should have the product name, model, rated capacity (rated energy), battery energy (battery capacity), factory name or trademark.

2. The input and output ports should have the name of the port and the rated voltage and current value. The packaging shall be marked with safety warning, production date or batch number, and the factory name and address. The Chinese logo must be used. The contents of the package must be the same as that is marked on the product.

In addition, the proper use of rechargeable treasure is also very important!

1. Buy quality products, do not seek cheap products. You should buy big brand USB cable power banks. Their quality is guaranteed, such as the USB cable power bank from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd. With good quality and wide spread reputation, you can use it at ease. 

2. Pay more attention to the situation of the USB cable power bank. Once you find it abnormal, you should throwit away at once.

3. Avoid heavy pressure and strong vibration. Charging treasure is a delicate baby. Do not impress stress and strong vibration. Avoid the short circuit and explosion cause by it. 

All in all, you should buy good quality USB cable power banks from reliable and form correct using habit.