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Be careful with these features of your phone Apr 11, 2018

These features of the mobile phone should be used with caution, to facilitate the full hidden behind the security risks. Although these are convenient but full of hidden security features, are you often used?

The apple pay small password-free function should be used with caution. Non-compact payment objectively facilitates consumers, but it also increases the risk of being stolen.

Turn off the Wi-Fi function in time. Do not log in when you discover free Wi-Fi. This may be a tool that a hacker uses to invade your phone.

Carefully open the USB debugging function. Once the mobile phone is turned on the USB debugging mode, it is equivalent to a back door for the software on the computer. The phone's lock screen password, binding account number, etc. are easily called by various applications, and it is generally not recommended to open it.

Do not record the "I often go" app on the iPhone. Do not open "people nearby". iPhone users can click "Settings - Privacy - Location Services - System Services - Frequently Visited Places" to close this option. WeChat users can click "Settings - General - Features - Nearby People" to select "Clear My Location Information" and "Disable".

Sensitive permissions should be turned off Install the software with less "allow". Android users will be asked to allow software to read related permissions after installing the application. Sensitivity permissions such as contacts and SMS calls should be closed as much as possible. When mobile phones install games and other software, they are often required to “use your location”. If you click “Allow”, these applications can scan and upload the mobile phone information to the Internet cloud server. Once the data is leaked, others may know yours. Where is the home?

Social software releases pictures with caution. Many people like to publish tickets, passports, airline tickets, etc. in the circle of friends, but the two-dimensional codes or bar codes on these notes contain personal names, identity card numbers, and other information. With special software, they can be easily read.

In addition, the “location” function on the APP can share with you where you are, but if you are traveling or on business, it is equivalent to telling ulterior motives and thieves that “this person is not at home” and creating conditions for them.

Do not know, look surprised. The “pediatrics” that you once considered can often bring security risks to yourself or your family. Therefore, do not wait until the loss of property before repenting, and usually stay in mind, before they can take preventive measures.