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China leads the development of the world's graphene industry Apr 23, 2018

As one of the future industries, graphene has high hopes for its revolution in the field of materials. Recently, Andre Gaim, the Nobel laureate who is known as the father of the world's graphene, came to China and sat down with the companies in the graphene field to answer questions about the research and industrial development of the graphene industry. He said that although we are still in the first half of the graphene era, there have been many studies on the edge of industrialization and industrialization in China is one step ahead. It can be said that China's graphene industry has led the development of the world's graphene industry.

The progress of human science is linked to the development of materials. In an interview, Andrey talked about his understanding of today's graphene research and industrial development. He said that we have been experiencing the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and now the Silicon Age. Now with the development of graphene and two-dimensional materials, we have gradually entered a new era of low-dimensional materials. These low-dimensional materials are similar to graphene and have only one atomic layer thickness. "Of course we are still in the first half of the graphene era, so we will see that graphene really enters our lives after 30 to 50 years to change our lives and will play a role in many different areas of our lives."

There are many graphene industrialization companies in the world. Andre Li said that even if there are more than 500 companies in China, they can produce very useful products. In the world, Chinese companies can occupy the top 10 Status, and China's graphene industry leads the development of the world's graphene industry, so he is very optimistic about this market.

Andre believes that the graphene fields in Europe and the United States are mainly concentrated in university-based scientific research, and there are not yet some formal products. In China, due to the strong support of the local government, not only some of the university's scientific research work has started around graphene. There are many companies that actually produce products. "The government's support is very important. It is with the strong support of the government that it will create the leading position of the Chinese graphene industry in the world."