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Don't upgrade iOS 11.4, save the battery life! Jul 11, 2018

Don't upgrade iOS 11.4, save the battery life!

As a system version of iOS 11 is coming to an end, iOS 11.4 should be relatively mature under normal circumstances, but it is still iOS 11, so it is very normal to have big problems. After the upgrade, a large number of users flocked to Apple's official technical forum, complaining that iOS 11.4 caused a serious power failure problem in their devices. This is the third time that the system version has been seriously ill by user feedback, which was previously exposed. It is a problem that the iPhone camera cannot be used and the power consumption in the standby state is severe.

A lot of users have reported that the power can support one day when their iPhone is used normally, but after updating to iOS 11.4, the power will start to drop sharply, even charging every 2-3 hours, which has seriously affected normal use. One of the users with ID Zide99 posted in the forum saying, "My iPhone 6 was working perfectly fine until I updated to iOS 11.4 and ever since I did that my battery is draining rapidly even without me using it at all."

ios 11.4.jpg

Interestingly, some users choose to upgrade the iOS 12 beta system, and the power is restored to normal. Basically, the possibility of hardware failures such as batteries can be ruled out, which makes iOS 11.4 very embarrassing.

According to user feedback, this BUG will affect Apple Phone Battery and Replacement Phone Batteries. Users of Replacement Phone Batteries should carefully consider whether to upgrade or not.

At present, Apple has not responded to many problems encountered by users in iOS 11.4. It just silently pushed iOS 11.4.1 this morning. If you have also encountered a serious power-consuming bug, you may wish to upgrade to see if there is any situation. Did not get better.