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Extend the external power bank battery life, everyone has responsibility Nov 22, 2017

There is one accessory of the phone that we often carry around and often use it when going out! Yes! It’s external power bank!

In the absence of a better way to solve the problem of short mobile phone battery life, external power bank can be described as essential. The general price of mobile power is not high, so we always would not care about those details in daily use.

Improper use of external power bank would result in reducing of its life expectancy, and make it break down in advance; if worse, it may inadvertently cause an explosion and do damage to our safety!

But you do not have to worry too much, let us first look at what is improper behavior.

1.Charge the external power bank until the electricity is totally used up

Seeing this, many people may have doubts about this point. In fact, external power bank use lithium batteries, the same as mobile phones. Lithium battery has a characteristic, when the power is low, the activity becomes low; if we often deplete the power completely, the battery capacity will decline in the long run, and the life of external mobile power will be reduced as well!

The correct way: When the external power bank just have 20% power left we should charge for it in time.

2. Influence of ambient temperature

The operating temperature of the lithium battery is 0-55 ° C, when the outside temperature is too low, it will make the battery become unstable and discharge insufficiently; and high temperature will shorten the life of the battery and the circuit board, damage the battery, making certain components age.

Especially in the hot summer, if your external power bank is charging, please do not put it in a closed high temperature environment, it is easy to cause local high temperature and cause an explosion!

3. Using the mobile phone while charging

Some people like to charge for the phone with the external power bank while charging the mobile power ... This is not a good habit. It would make the circuit board become high load, producing excessively high temperature within a short period of time, and thus affecting the performance and the safety of the power charger.

4. Long time no use under circumstance of no electricity

Even the external power bank are not being used for a long time, it would also consume power. So even if it is not used for a long time, we have to charge for it, and place it in a dry place without direct sunlight. Thus you know the reason why you would find the power charger bank is broken down when you think of making use of it.

5.Using poor quality external power bank

Many of us would simply choose a external power bank according to its capacity and the appearance, regardless of the supplying manufacturer. Even many people would simply choose the mobile power which is cheap. But they might find out that the battery life of the power charger bank is quite short after using it for a short time.
external power bank battery.jpg

So we should choose qualified manufacturers which can have guarantee for the product quality as well as the after-sale service. Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, for example. As one of the big manufacturer in the power bank and phone battery area, it has 18 years’ experience, and have settled its solid foundation in this area. Choosing good quality power bank, and take responsible to your life.