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Four methods for mobile power maintenance Oct 09, 2017

Method one


If you find that the mobile power can not charge, that is to say, the light does not flash while charging. Generally, in this situation, it is because the solder tin in the USB interface cracked, and poor contact. Maybe it is due to the long-term plug, solder tin no longer solid which cause the crack occurrence. In this case, the method for mobile power maintenance is to use ferrochrome or blower gun to weld the USB interface. Weld more tin in the two fixed feet, if necessary, to enhance its firmness. If you do not have or can not use these tools, you can ask the master in the phone repair shop to help you with the welding.


Method two


If you find the mobile power can not charge the phone, first check if there is no problem with the charging cable and the phone. The method to check the charging cable is to replace a new and good one. If the charging can be done, then it is the problem of the charging cable; if not, then it is the problem of the mobile power or the mobile phone. To determine whether there is the problem with the phone, you should use the original mobile phone and make sure it is a good charger, if it cannot charge, then it is the problem of the mobile phones.


Methods three


Eliminate the possibility of the problem of the charging cable and the mobile phone, we can make sure it is the problem of the mobile power. Then you can check if the solder tin of the USB port has cracked, as method one shows, if so, the problem can be solve according to method one. If the solder is in perfect condition, then we should use the multimeter to check if there is 5V output in the USB interface. If there is no 5V output, maybe its because that the boost circuit can not boost, or the protection circuit runs into the protection state. If it is the problem of boost electricity, we should check if the boost IC is broken, because the boost IC comes with much heat when it is at work and it is easy to get out of work due to the long time usage and poor heat dissipation. If it enters into the protection state, just charge the mobile power with the charging cable to remove the protection state.


Method four


If the mobile power have been used for quite a long time, generally it is the problem of the battery if breakdown occurs. Any battery has its usage time, which determines the times to charge and discharge. If the charge and discharge reaches a certain number, the mobile power can not charge and discharge anymore, what we can do is just to replace the battery.