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Has Android stopped collecting user data? Aug 23, 2018

Android’s collection of user data has been raging, and Google has had to face user litigation. At the same time, Google has also come up with a tossing solution to shut down data collection. But is this over? The report released by industry organizations recently culminated in the collection of user data.

Douglas Schmidt, a professor at Vanderbilt University in the United States, published a report on the industry organization Digital Content Next, which pointed out that the amount of user data collected by Android is much higher than that of iOS.

For example, in the case of 24 hours, the Chrome browser runs 340 times of location data to Google on the Android phone running in the background, about 14 times per hour. The location data accounts for 35% of the total data traffic sent by Android phones to Google; it is close to running Safari. 50 times the iPhone.

Google confirmed that Google still continues to record location data after the Location History setting is disabled. In order to prevent it from being tracked more thoroughly, users must also disable "network and application activity."

Given that Google's main business is advertising, Apple is hardware, so Google relies on varying degrees of data collection to advertise. Apple executives have repeatedly flaunted the company's privacy stance and sometimes used it as a strategy to attack opponents while marketing.

       In many countries, mobile phones and search engines have different levels of mobile phone user data to achieve targeted advertising. Will the vendors in different countries change the privacy policy after this incident?