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Has the iPhone 8 in your hand been restarted or crashed for no reason? Sep 05, 2018

Has the iPhone 8 in your hand been restarted or crashed for no reason? Maybe at first you think it's just a system problem or it is like this, maybe you have repaired or returned because of this phenomenon. And now Apple gives a more official explanation.

Apple now recognizes that a handful of iPhone 8 motherboards have manufacturing flaws. Affected devices may experience an unexpected restart, a screen crash, or an inability to power on. Apple will repair eligible equipment for free.

The affected equipment was sold between September 2017 and March 2018 and sold in Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, India, Japan, Macau Special Administrative Region, New Zealand and the United States.

There is also a certain threshold for equipment that can be repaired free of charge. In addition to the date of sale, the user must ensure that the product is in its original state (ie, the screen and other components cannot be physically damaged) to enjoy free motherboard replacement.

Apple also said that the affected device is the iPhone 8, while the simultaneous iPhone 8Plus, iPhone X and other devices are not affected.

This program provides protection for affected iPhone 8 devices for a limited period of three years from the date of the first retail sale of the device.

Users who want to check whether the device on their hands is affected can be queried from the website: Query:

In the early days of the launch of the new iPhone, Apple announced a free repair plan for the defect of the old iPhone. Will this make consumers doubt the quality of Apple's products? More importantly, since the battery door of the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 7's no-signal door, now it is the turn of the iPhone 8's motherboard door, the recent 3 generations of the iPhone's non-Plus series are flawed, the tradition will not last until the latest What about the iPhone of a generation? Time will give us the answer.