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How big is the wireless charging market? May 21, 2018

In September of last year, the new Apple computer introduced wireless charging technology. From then on, I believe we all heard such a saying: The wireless charging outlet has arrived. Many outsiders outside the industry and even industry practitioners believe that it is an exaggeration and that the technology has not matured until the time comes. Little did they know that when the technology was completely mature, the first pioneers of crabs had long since left other colleagues who had become aware of it. How large is the wireless charging market? We talked about the data, and we began to demonstrate the report from the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance.

According to the data of the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance, the growth trend of the global wireless charging market for 2017-2026 is summarized, covering both the bulk of the delivery end of the launch and the delivery of the receiving end. It can be seen that both have increased exponentially year by year, including the receiving end The number of shipments is several times that of the transmitter. As for the specific figures, it is estimated that there will be 550 million receivers and 200 million transmitters by 2018, and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 1 billion receivers and 400 million transmitters, which will almost double! In 2025, there will be 2 billion receivers and 800 million transmitters. It will double again!

Not only WPC's report reveals the huge potential of the wireless charging market, IHS is also very optimistic about this market. On April 20th, at the “2018 (Summer) China Wireless Charging Industry Summit Forum” held by Rechargeable Head Network, Yu Shuang, the representative of the Chinese liaison for the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance, stated that IHS forecasts the wireless charging market and the industry has great potential. Both the receiving and the receiving end will have a strong development trend, and the growth rate will be rapid. The figure shows the IHS 2017 data. We believe that the development in the next few years will exceed this expectation.

In fact, the reason why the wireless charging market is so hot and its prospects are promising is due to reasons. According to the statistics of the charging head network, as of April 30, 2018, the number of WPC members has increased to 534. In September last year, Apple’s new iPhone was confirmed to carry wireless charging. At that time, there were only 251 WPC members. The number of members now doubles directly, which directly reflects the degree of fire in the wireless charging market.

On September 12, 2017, it was a landmark day for the wireless charging industry. Apple released three new models, the iPhone X and the iPhone 8/8P, all equipped with wireless charging capabilities. Since the introduction of this technology, driven by Apple's huge appeal, the industry has followed up with wireless charging capabilities. Take the well-known mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei and other companies have this feature.

WPC is the first industry standard organization for wireless power and is the maker of "Qi" specifications. There are a large number of members worldwide, so far more than 500: including Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, Haier and other domestic and international famous enterprises. Ms. Shuang was the Marketing Director of the IEEE Standards Association. The WPC sets a normative industry standard for 15W low-power applications. The purpose of this standard is to achieve interoperability between various charging boards and portable devices. Products that have been certified by the WPC Consortium will be identified with the words "Qi" and the terminals with "Qi" may be charged on all charging boards marked with the logo.

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