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How do you enjoy the World Cup? Jun 12, 2018

The four-year wait has finally arrived, and the 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia in June. Once a four-year event, it will make people feel excited.

The topic of the 2018 World Cup has been widely discussed around the world. Let's take a look at what the fans are saying.

True fans will say: I have already bought a good ticket to go to Russia, you just watch flat TV at home, wow.

Ordinary fans: For the World Cup, I transformed my home, 100-inch big screen TV, 5.1 surround sound, Gigabit router, ESPN, everything, lying at home, drinking beer and peanuts, enough strength.

Free fans: To watch the game, it is definitely necessary to go to the bar, ah, three or five small partners together, people are more lively and good atmosphere.


To be honest, as a fan, there are several points to be reminded:

As fans, of course, we can't stop you from going to Russia to watch the game, but do you know that Russian sockets are different from countries? So before you travel, you'd better bring a WST Universal Travel USB Adapter, which can be connected with the British Standard, American Standard, European Standard and Australian Standard converters, and can adapt to the power interfaces of more than 200 countries and regions in the world. The standard fully supports Russia's standard outlets. With it, you can charge your mobile phone by simply finding a socket in Russia.


Looking at live broadcast on a big screen like a mobile phone can satisfy you. As a pragmatic fan, this is OK, but is your mobile phone enough? You don't want to see half the power, right? At this time, you need a WST mobile power supply (WP928). This mobile power supply has a 10000mAh large-capacity battery that can give the iPhone X about 3 times of power, and iPhone 8 to rush about 4 times, enough for you to watch the game.


Some people say that they must go to the bar to see the ball. Many people have a good atmosphere. The only bad thing is that the mobile phone has no electricity. It is very inconvenient for several people to grab a socket. This time you will need WST POWER STATION, and this POWER STATION has eight power bank + 4 Ge USB A output, supports up to 12 mobile phones charge, nothing to worry about no place to charge all mobile phones and more.


Of course there are so many, true fans, ordinary fans, these are not important, it is important to enjoy the passion and vitality brought to us by the World Cup, do not let disturbing things affect themselves, cheer together this fiery summer !