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How does Apple respond to battery overheating? Aug 22, 2018

Recently, with the official release of Samsung Galaxy Note9, people seem to have gradually forgotten the Galaxy Note7 that caused Samsung to encounter Waterloo because of battery explosion. But when people think that such events will never repeat, Apple has stood up and once again became the focus of attention due to battery problems.

At 8:00 am Eastern Time on August 19, an emergency evacuation measure was taken at an Apple store in Amsterdam due to overheating of the iPad battery.

According to reports, on the same day, an iPad in the Apple Direct Store had a battery overheating phenomenon. In order to prevent overheating and causing fire, the Apple store staff placed the product in a garbage bin filled with sand and evacuated the personnel present. Fortunately, the product did not smoke or catch fire, but afterwards, three people present said they had a breathing problem.

After the local fire department confirmed that there were no other safety hazards and related treatment of the overheated products, employees and customers were allowed to return to the Apple Direct Store.

Coincidentally, this is not the first time Apple products have experienced this year. Earlier this year, an iPhone 6s battery in an Apple store in Zurich fired and caused a slight burn to an employee, which also triggered an emergency evacuation in the store.