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Seriously, would fast charging technology do harm to samsung phone battery? Nov 04, 2017

Nowadays people are getting more dependent on mobile phones, and want to take a cell phone with them all the time, which brings higher requirement to samsung phone battery. Due to technical limitations, it is difficult to achieve a relatively large breakthrough in the technology of the mobile phone batteries in a short time. However, the demand still exists, how can this be solved? In addition to mobile power, a variety of fast charge technologies also come into being.

The most common fast charge technologies nowadays are Qualcomm Quick Charge fast charge technology and OPPO's VOOC fast charge technology. The effect is indeed good, after the use of this technology, cell phone charging efficiency has been greatly improved. Therefore phones with fast charge function are welcome to consumers.

Before discussing whether fast charge technology would do harm to the samsung phone battery, let’s first know the principle of these two fast charge technologies.

Both fast charge technologies achieve the purpose of fast charge through the charging power. Qualcomm Quick Charge and OPPO VOOC fast charging technology has the same principle. They all make the fast charge with the voltage and current of 4.2 to 5V. The difference is that Qualcomm Quick Charge is achieved by raising the voltage, while OPPO's VOOC flash charge is achieved by boosting the current.

Simply, Quick Charge accelerates the speed by increasing the pressure and converts the high voltage and low current into the low voltage and high current that the lithium samsung phone battery can stand through the chip, so as to complete the quick charge. The OPPO's VOOC complete the charging for the phone battery for samsung by increasing the current and transferring the current into 5V/4A in the charge plug. In order to control the current within the Samsung battery capacity range, OPPO adds more charging lines to his charger, changing the conventional 5-pin connector to 7-pin to achieve decentralized current.

Then under what circumstances would cell phone samsung phone battery vulnerable to damage?

The first case is that the current is too large. We know that OPPO VOOC’s fast charging technology principle is by increasing the current. So would it do harm to the cell phone samsung phone battery? The general mobile phone lithium battery can withstand the current of 1.5C phone battery capacity. Let’s take the mainstream 3000mAh lithium samsung replacement battery as an example, 1.5 * 3000mA = 4.5A, that is to say, samsung phone battery with capacity of 3000mAh can generally accept 4.5A current. The samsung mobile phone battery current of OPPO is 4A, Qualcomm's Quick Charge is even less than 4A. So no matter it is OPPO or Qualcomm, their fast charging technology will not damage the cell phone battery in terms of current.

The second case is that the voltage is too large. But no matter for Qualcomm Quick Charge or OPPO's VOOC, the voltage delivered to the samsung phone battery has been converted to 5V, so it will not threaten the phone battery.

The third case is high temperature. Samsung phone battery overheating can also have a bad effect on the cell phone battery, or even lead to explosion. The normal operating temperature for phone lithium battery for samsung replacement is minus 20 degrees to 60 degrees. And after testing, no matter Qualcomm Quick Charge or OPPO VOOC would not make the cell phone  battery temperature over 40 degrees.

Based on the above analysis of the three factors, the quick charging technology will not do any harm to the cell phone samsung phone battery.

Of course, the above fast charging technologies are the two common ones. There naturally would be a lot of imitation in the market, which might be harmful to our cell phone batteries and even our personal safety. So when we choose a quick charge mobile power, we should choose a reliable manufacturer. Here I would like to recommend DL513QC mobile power from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd. With the capacity of 9000mAh, it has big capacity and has the function of fast charge.