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How to adjust the quality of mobile phone playing PUBG Mobile? Jun 04, 2018

How to adjust the quality of mobile phone playing PUBG Mobile? Many friends will play "PUBG Mobile" game, but depending on the configuration of the phone, the quality options that can be turned on are not the same. What if you want to open a picture but the game cannot be adjusted? In fact, using a gadget named "GFX Tool", you can solve the problem.


The GFX Tool gadget comes from personal developers and it supports adjusting the picture quality of "PUBG Mobile." This app has a high rating of 4.8 points on Google Play, and its practicality is evident. After opening the APP, you can see that the options are all in English, but it is not complicated, which is to tell you about related functions.

Preferred, you need to select the PUBG Mobile mobile version number. If you are playing "PUBG Mobile" in China, then select "0.6(China)" in "Select Version" and the other two are the International version and the Korean version. Then, you can select the overall picture quality. "Graphics" corresponds to the picture quality options. The lowest picture quality is "So Smooth", and the highest picture quality is "HDR". All picture quality can be freely selected. In "Style", you can choose the screen rendering style, you can choose according to your preferences.


Can adapt to various versions of PUBG Mobile mobile games, providing a very complete choice of picture quality

In addition to adjusting the picture quality, GFX Tool can also adjust the resolution. In "Resolution" you can choose the game resolution, from the lowest "960x540" to the highest "2560x1440" 2K resolution. In terms of the number of frames, GFX Tool also allows you to easily get the upper limit of 60 inches, just select "60" in "FPS". In addition to this, the GFX Tool can control shadow and anti-aliasing switches.

Can adjust resolution and frame limits


Controls shadow and anti-aliasing switches


In general, this is a more practical gadget. If you often play PUBG Mobile, and want a higher fluency/better picture quality, then you can use GFX Tool to fine-tune the picture quality options. I wish you all the best, PUBG Mobile tonight!