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How to charge the phone faster Mar 19, 2018

1, open the flight mode

Receiving SMS, WeChat, or application alerts will all consume power. In flight mode, the phone will stop receiving signals, which is equivalent to being in a dormant state, so it will be easier to fill.

Flight mode can be found in [Settings]. In the case of tight time, if you want to quickly fill up your mobile phone, be sure to open this key! Of course, shutting down the charge is faster!

2, turn off Bluetooth and GPS

Bluetooth and GPS can also consume batteries. When they are not needed, they are usually kept off and they have to be turned off when charging.

3, do not use the computer's USB interface

The current output of USB interface on computers and cars is very small, usually only 0.5A. Nowadays, the standard charging current of many mobile phones is 1A or even higher, and the current is not stable. Therefore, charging is much slower. When anxious or give up the USB interface.

Use the mobile phone charging head to plug in the mobile phone charging cable to charge the mobile phone to maximize the charging time, and do not hurt the phone.

4, using the original charger

The original charger is not only safe and reliable, but also has higher charging efficiency. Non-original chargers are likely to cause low charging efficiency due to different specifications, and there are also security risks.

5, clean the charging port

In many cases, the phone cannot charge or charge slowly, not because the battery is broken, but because the charging port is blocked after getting dirty.

At this time, you only need to take a toothpick or paper clip, put the tip with toilet paper or cotton, and then put it into the charging port to clear out the dirt.

6, to the mobile phone "warm"

The frequency with which mobile phones can not charge during winter seems to be much higher than in other seasons. It is because the weather is too cold and battery performance will be reduced.

However, this is not a big problem. Put your phone in your pocket and let the phone warm up. The phone can be charged again. It's also a good idea to wear a phone case.