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How to judge the quality of laptop batteries? Aug 29, 2018

The choice of laptop battery is mainly based on several factors such as power, appearance and quality.

Regarding the power, we can often see how many mAh values are used by a certain manufacturer to indicate the battery power. Over time, everyone will think that the larger the mA, the longer the battery will work. In fact, we determine the power consumption of the computer, we commonly use the power rating. The power of the battery should be obtained by voltage and current. The battery of the same mAh depends mainly on the number of cells and the way of mixing. For example, the 8-core hybrid mode of 2 and 4 strings will be 4 cores than 2 and 2 strings. The hybrid is much higher in power. However, the increase in the number of batteries will also lead to an increase in the weight of the notebook battery, which is what consumers should pay attention to.

Regarding the appearance, the notebook spare battery is preferably selected from the original factory. Most of the molds for assembling the battery casing are imitation according to the original battery. After installation, it is impossible to achieve "fine seams" and may even fall. Also pay attention when distinguishing, in general, the labeling of the assembled battery is illegible, and the electrode wear of the partially refurbished product is already serious, and the gloss is not as good as the original.

Regarding the quality, the original battery that comes standard with the standard will have its own monitoring temperature and protection circuit, and the weight is much heavier than the assembled battery. For some users who want to buy a spare battery, it is recommended to bring their original battery.