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How to use smart phone with powerbank? May 30, 2018

1. Quit the application software thoroughly.

Some videos, location services, news feeds, and social-related software often run automatically after the phone is switched on, and usually default to automatic updates.

Therefore, when you do not use related applications temporarily, you can close the application through the task manager. If you press the "HOME" button to return to the desktop, you cannot reach the purpose of exiting the application.

2, Regular optimization of mobile phone software settings.

When using a smartphone, it is necessary to adjust the settings of the mobile phone in time according to the operating status of the mobile phone, update the software regularly, and optimize the application program. When necessary, mobile phone security software can be installed to reduce the occurrence of harassment and even leakage of personal privacy information and property damage, such as malicious viruses, malicious QR codes, spam messages, and fraudulent calls.

3, Do not open the cellular data and roaming function.

When the cellular data is turned on, the background program consumes the operating system and a certain amount of data traffic. When there is a large demand for data traffic, such as updating mobile phone application software, playing audio and video online, etc., it should try to choose to operate in a WIFI environment. It is recommended to disable the cellular data and data roaming capabilities of mobile phones or select an appropriate overseas data roaming package before leaving the country to prevent high costs.

4, As far as possible choose to install traffic monitoring software.

Many software defaults to automatic updates when the smartphone is turned on, resulting in a lot of traffic during the software update process. You can use your own smartphone to install software or install third-party software to monitor the flow of the use of traffic, real-time to remind the use of traffic, reduce unnecessary traffic overhead. Especially at night, close the cellular data connection in time.

5, Prudential precautionary principle

The "prudential precautionary principle" is based on the fact that mobile phones can be used less and less, and children, pregnant women, and the elderly need to minimize the time and opportunities for the use of mobile phones.

6, When the cell phone rings, many “professional” people will answer the call right away. Wait, let it ring again for a while. Because the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the instant connection of the mobile phone is greatly enhanced, it is recommended to answer the call within one or two seconds of the mobile phone or during two intermittent intervals of the phone. If you put your phone on the computer, you immediately understand the truth. If you notice that the computer screen suddenly interferes, most of the time there is a phone call or a text message. Sure enough, then the bell rings. This scene of life has also been verified in scientific research.