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iPhone battery health meet the replacement standard? Apple's official website can be online testing Jan 17, 2018

Apple open iPhone 6 follow-up models for price reduction battery preferential programs have been officially opened, the current Apple Store outlets have been open appointment, the current outgoing coming 1 to 2 weeks the reservation has been full. In fact, to meet this discount for the battery plan, the user must use the iPhone iPhone has not changed the deputy factory battery, the original battery has been tested by the engineers have reached a serious loss of these two conditions.

In addition, if the iPhone warranty within 1 year, the battery test results have been seriously depleted, the official will be provided free battery replacement. Another, if the battery over-protection, but the battery health testing less than the official provisions of less than 80% of the degree of wear and tear, it is not applicable to the discount battery discount. In particular, the original iPhone battery depletion extent must be diagnosed by the engineers, if intends to replace the iPhone battery users, it may suggest may first through Apple's official online testing pipeline to check whether the health of the battery meets Apple's official certification Below 80% of the standard.

Apple iPhone original battery health online testing steps are as follows:

1. Go to Apple's official website to open the contact support page, click on to talk to us below the memory block to obtain assistance to connect.

2. Path Description: After connecting to the product selection page, click on the iPhone, and then in the contact Apple support topics page options, click on the battery, power and charging, and then click on the battery problem or troubleshooting and then click on the line Conversation, the page will appear input device serial number, IMEI number. Enter the device serial number section, through the iPhone on the hand inquiries, click on the main screen from the phone settings & gt; go to General & gt; click on the machine, you can query the serial number.

3. Fill in the serial number of the device on the webpage, then follow the instructions on the page to fill in the fields of surname, name and e-mail address. Once the data input is completed, the screen will appear to start other online conversations. Click on the online Talk about the button, you can connect Apple's official online technical customer service, and put forward the needs of online inquiry.

4. After jumping out of the window of the online chat window, take some time to wait for online technical customer service. After entering the dialog, I would like to check the battery health level. In accordance with the technical customer service instructions, you can conduct online diagnostics. In the official online Apple technical customer service online in the dialogue window page, the query of battery health requirements, then, you can open the iPhone from the phone's main screen, click Settings, enter the privacy of the selected, the phone slides will be below See the analysis "to share iPhone analysis button is set to open.

Wait a moment, the iPhone screen appears Apple Support Diagnostics field appears on the screen, click on enter, the implementation of the diagnosis page will appear, press Agree to conduct online diagnostic analysis. It should be noted that, through Apple's official online battery health checks, the detection and diagnosis, the iPhone hand must be in the WiFi online environment. In addition, Apple's official online customer service check in time is from 9 am to 9 pm daily.

After the diagnosis is completed, the diagnostic test result is provided in the online customer service dialogue window.