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Mac systems are not absolutely secure? A variety of apps steal user privacy. Sep 10, 2018

The Mac system has long been considered relatively safe, but it has also been frequently attacked by malware, which has caused many users to squander.

It is reported that several softwares in Apple's Mac App Store were found to steal user profiles, collect sensitive information and send the information to developers. Among them are the highest-paid payment tools, such as Adware Doctor.

For this matter, many users think that Apple has to bear the main responsibility, because they are not strict enough to have such a thing. Several security researchers independently discovered that several software in the Mac App Store returned information to the server without the user's knowledge. These applications have all passed Apple's review.

The discovery of these malicious pieces made users suspicious of the security of the software in the Mac App Store and Apple's ability to ensure software security in the app store. According to Malwarebytes, it has been reporting such malware to Apple "for years", but few malicious pieces were immediately removed.

Developers found to be posting malicious malware are still allowed to publish software through the Mac App Store, and sometimes developers can even post the same malware in a short interval, which is a serious problem.