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Old battery rejuvenation! NTU pioneering invention allows it to quickly recover to 95% capacity Jan 29, 2018

Apple recently accused for deliberately reducing the performance of the old iPhone old models, despite its defense that the move to prevent accidental shutdown of the old iPhone battery model performance, but it is undeniable that it did deliberately reduce the old models performance. A recent pioneering new invention will give Apple no other reason to limit the performance of older models. Researchers at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) claimed to have invented a technology that will allow lithium-ion batteries to recover to 95% in less than 10 hours , So that the old battery quickly rejuvenated youth, for the electronics and electric vehicles industry far-reaching impact.

Lithium-ion batteries because of its design reasons, can not be used as the number of batteries to maintain the original capacity. Generally 300-500 charge and discharge cycles down to 80-85% capacity, the use of lithium-ion battery electronic devices to restore battery life must be replaced the old battery. Professor Rachid Yazami of NTU said his invention was able to restore old lithium batteries to 95% capacity in 10 hours and to be able to repeat recovery capacity operations on the same battery every few years, which would greatly improve the performance of electronic devices And electric vehicles and other lithium-ion battery life, but also for the industry, can greatly reduce the waste of lithium-ion batteries, the environmental issues are of great significance. In the Straits Times, Professor Yazami said the invention is even more significant for the electric car industry: "People do not change vehicles like smartphones. Most people switch to a cell phone in two years, but the life of the car may last ten Year or more. "After his invention was released, he said industrial giants such as Apple, Samsung and Panasonic have expressed interest in the invention.

This invention adds a third electrode between the existing two electrodes in each lithium-ion battery. The third electrode discharges the remaining lithium ions from one electrode to the other electrode, thereby removing the influence of the battery performance and preventing the battery from storing more The "impurity content" of electronics, which he built last year and tested on prototype smartphones.