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Pick up power bank portable charger like this, so we can use it safely Nov 29, 2017

1. Batteries

Usually there are two kinds of power bank portable chargers in the market, namely "18650 lithium batteries" and "lithium polymer batteries", each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but 18650 lithium batteries are relatively easy to explode because of the use of steel packaging.
generally the large and bulky power bank portable charger design in the market basically use 18650 batteries;

While lithium polymer batteries, using aluminum-plastic film packaging, the middle of the lithium material is paste, so the shape can be relatively changeable, the design is also more flexible and compact. Of course, the price is relatively more expensive.

However, taking into account the performance and safety issues, it is still more recommended to choose lithium polymer batteries. As what kind of batteries the power bank portable charger use, generally it would be written in the product description.

2. Certification

In fact, if you carefully have a look at the product, you can find that there are a lot of power bank portable chargers printed CE, FCC, RoHS, UL, and a variety of signs, and these signs are also confirmed on the side of the product quality and safety.

What we should know is that if a product you want to sell abroad, then it must pass the national safety standards testing. So if your power bank portable charger pass through a variety of safety certifications at the same time. Then relatively, it is more secure.

3. Capacity

A lot of people have misunderstanding that the greater the capacity is, the better the power bank portable charger is. In fact, the power bank which has greater capacity has longer charging time. In addition, if the electricity is always not used up, it would cause damage to the mobile power.
So, if you do not often go out, choose the ones with smaller capacity, such as 5000mAh or so, it is enough for emergency charging. If you have no sense of security for small capacity, I recommend that you can buy the ones with display screen, so you can be aware of the electricity at anytime.

4. Appearance

Many people choose the power bank portable charger product purely by its appearance. First of all, I certainly recommend that you buy the ones from regular manufacturers, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, for example. As manufacturer for 17 years, it would surely have more guarantee in the product quality and of course the after sale service. Because there are many miscellaneous brands of mobile power on the market that would have security problems.

Secondly, the relatively cheap power bank portable charger is very likely to use low-cost batteries and even second-hand batteries. Some manufacturers even give up security, and directly remove the circuit protection chip. In the life of the batteries, there are significant differences between cheap goods and regular products.