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Power bank features multifunctional, power generation and start the car Feb 07, 2018

Obviously, more and more mobile phones and tablets have adopted the built-in battery design, so the power bank becomes a necessary accessory. In general, power bank battery capacity, conversion rate is the key to determining its performance, but sometimes there are some creative design products to meet your special needs. Now, take a look at the 11 non-mainstream power bank, some of them can boil water power, some can be used as a car battery ignition, as well as a handbag itself, in some special occasions can play a miraculous .

1: Electricity generation by bicycle

If you often travel by bike, then this power bank is undoubtedly suitable for you, you can achieve more environmentally friendly form of use. The power bank supply consists of three parts: the generator can be connected to the bicycle wheels, the power converter converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, and the battery pack receives electrical energy.

2: Can charge the car battery

Who said power bank only for mobile phones and other electronic devices charge? Some power bank is very versatile. As long as the built-in 10000mAhd lithium battery, the maximum can produce 12V300A current, can charge the car battery. If you inadvertently turn off the car headlights forgot to turn off, with such a power bank do not have to bother to call roadside assistance.

3: Can do the phone bracket

This power bank supply features a base that is compatible with almost any phone and tablet. In addition to large capacity, you can charge the phone, the base design allows you to check more conveniently when charging information or watch the video.


4: No longer need data cable

Although the larger the power of the power bank the better, but too bulky words means the loss of portability, but also a headache. In addition, you also need to carry the data cable at any time, or power bank has become a display. So there is no solution that best of both worlds? WST charger may be a good choice.


It looks like a credit card size, built-in Apple Lightning or micro USB plug, the other end is a standard USB interface, you can connect the charger or the computer to charge the phone. In addition, the device itself has built-in 9000mAh or 12000mAh lithium battery, although it will not bring long life for your phone, but make a few emergency calls or send information is clearly not a problem. Most importantly, you do not feel like carrying it is a burden.