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Refused to be down-conversion , iphone charging knowledge must know Jan 11, 2018

Every time I use the slower the iPhone, I knew I should buy a new phone, until today I realized that all this is a routine ... I can not be configured to endure, the frequency , W T F? ! !

The original apple quietly added in the system battery testing procedures for the battery has been chemical aging machine, it will reduce the CPU operating frequency, the purpose is to reduce the accidental shutdown phenomenon. In fact, Apple is also a good intention ... ...

The most serious injury is of course my old iPhone users (use or released more than two years ago 6s), after all, the battery has been in service for such a long time, chemical aging is inevitable. Check the use of the battery under the third-party software, the loss reached 25%, originally thought more than two years of 25% loss is nothing, but everything afraid of contrast.

Asked to buy an iPhone 6s partner at the same time, did not expect his battery loss was only 8%. I wonder, at the same time to buy the phone, why his battery care so well, is my charging method wrong? After some time I humbly ask for help, I found that there are really a lot of learning to charge the phone.

The original I always hear low battery reminded me when I remembered to go to the phone charging, or forget to go out with a mobile power, the power consumption after the charge, in fact, the lithium battery damage is particularly large, because the power with The depth of discharge caused by light can affect the performance of lithium-ion batteries, often such a deep discharge will speed up the reduction of battery capacity.

So nothing put the charging cable plugged into the phone, and must remember to go out with mobile power.

Cell phone charging is always dangerous? In general, the phone's charging circuit now includes multiple overcharge protection mechanisms that stop charging when the phone's battery is fully charged, although some phone batteries do not fully disconnect from the power when fully charged. Connecting the charger for a long time The battery has been in a state of high pressure, affecting battery life and safety performance.

So charging the phone all night is not that safe.

Finally, my friend also reminded me not to use a bad heat of the phone shell, because it will allow too much heat when charging, for lithium batteries, high temperature environment not only in the battery some negative chemical reactions, but also Affect battery life and safety performance.

Although I know the phone will change slowly after the battery, but at least not worry about the system "down." This thing also let me understand the phone charging must not be self-willed, the right way to charge the battery can extend the life of the battery, put the new battery after two days must be to develop a good charging habits.