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Samsung LG are developing solid-state battery technology: more secure than lithium batteries Mar 07, 2018

According to a recent report, Samsung is currently developing a new solid-state battery, which will significantly exceed the current mainstream lithium-ion battery life.

Samsung's research and development of solid-state batteries is carried out by the Samsung SDI division responsible for battery research and development and production at Samsung. A senior executive at the company said that in the next year or two, there will be a smart phone using solid state battery technology. The future of Samsung will start mass production of solid-state battery technology, have to carry out more security assessment.

Solid-state batteries and traditional lithium-ion battery different, do not need liquid as a carrier of ions. Because lithium-ion liquids in the event of air or water, there may be an explosion. Last year, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a series of explosions, Samsung also had this devoted a lot of painstaking efforts smart phone eventually delisting. Solid-state batteries, on the other hand, use electrolytes and are therefore less likely to explode or burn.

In fact, Samsung is not the only smart phone manufacturer interested in solid-state batteries. According to executives at Samsung SID, Samsung's rival LG Chem is also in the process of developing solid-state battery technology and has made good progress.

"The solid-state battery technology that can be used on smartphones will mature in the coming year or two, but it depends on whether or not Samsung is using it in large quantities on smartphones, and as far as I know, our competitors LG Chem) solid state battery technology, and we reached a similar level, "the Samsung SDI executives who declined to be named said.