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Sharing Battery Bank in China Dec 07, 2017

According to the statistics of professional institutions, the domestic sales volume of Battery Bank in China sources was 30 million units in 2013, with the total output value exceeding 10 billion yuan; in 2015 it jumped to 40 million; in 2016, it was nearly 60 million; but in China, With a population of 1.3 billion, the number of more people in the face of a larger base below, the average charge of Po ownership is still relatively limited.

Sharing bicycles solves the last kilometer of city transport because most do not have a bike. In the same way, shared charging treasure first made some contribution in promoting popularization rate. The common people do not necessarily have to own the charging treasure type products, and can also enjoy the convenience brought by "mobile charging" through leasing.

At present, most of the major shared Battery Bank set point set up in crowded areas such as restaurants, cafes and shopping centers. Then a shared charge treasure will have an impact on businesses? The answer is yes, most of the businessmen interviewed said that the arrival of shared rechargeable treasure affirmed. Of course, businesses value not only shared treasure can solve the "charge guests" problem, eliminating the hassle so simple, the more important idea is to borrow share charging treasure this hot point to engage in marketing, increase popularity.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the vast majority of chain restaurants, cafes, which use the shared charge treasure brand is unified by the company to develop, whether it represents the shared charge treasure manufacturers need to provide additional admission fee during the interview Did not get an accurate answer. But one thing is certain, sharing charging treasure and the chain must be mutually beneficial relationships, so that businesses can enjoy the benefits not only limited to improving service levels, and secondly, by sharing the charging treasure advertising model for themselves Publicity and more.

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In contrast, not all businesses are completely welcome to join the shared treasure. "From the assumption that sharing Battery Bank to now, no major problems, mainly minor problems, such as the location of the shop leading to poor signal, borrowing and replying operations are sometimes particularly slow response." In addition, there are a few stores worried that "sharing charging treasure sweep code payment will cause dissatisfaction," after all, before this service will not charge any fees, and now replaced by "money charging", how much will affect customer sentiment, And then implicated in the impact of shop business.

In addition, the emergence of shared charging treasure will not be "self-purchased consumer Bao" conflict. Users will use the shared charge treasure scene is mainly emergency, to deal with unexpected situations, and most users actually more according to their own preferences such as: appearance, brand and performance to buy their own used Po products, so take it as a Kind of supplement more appropriate.

As users are more concerned about the security issues, such as larger brands such as WST, HOUSE, they are in the choice of custom products, the quality requirements are very cautious, not only is a manufacturer's attitude, more is involved To corporate social responsibility. Of course, there are some toxic and inferior shared rechargeable treasure brands on the Internet. This is mainly done by unscrupulous people like hackers and they are concentrated in the small-name brand manufacturers. The sharing of big brands can be relatively safe to use.