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Take a mobile phone and travel these tips you may need Apr 14, 2018

In the eyes of everyone, referring to professional photography, it may have always been SLR or single-powered specialties. There has never been a mobile phone. Only had to admit that even if SLR single-power is professional again, the picture will look good again. It is only a matter of a small number of people. Everyone is still most like mobile phones. Well, what we should start studying is how to use a mobile phone to take pictures that are picturesque and look good. This is not impossible. You can see that many traditional photographers have run to open “mobile photography classes”. Say it dry, PConline photo man this gives everyone a science how to use the phone to shoot tall photos!

I. "Exposure" and "Composition"

For mobile photography, if you want to come up with a picture that looks good on the tall, then you can't miss out on the early and late periods. In the early days, when you take pictures, you have to take your hands steady. You must be clear and you cannot paste them. These needless to say, look at your own cultivation. First of all, it is worth pointing out that not all people have a good understanding of the exposure when taking photos on a mobile phone. It seems that everyone took the phone to start the camera and shot it directly. We are missing an early step in thinking.

Control exposure is the foundation. Although the current mobile phone camera is very strong, but you must let yourself have a SLR camera thinking to shoot, there will be more outstanding results. For example, the simplest is "white plus black minus," and many students do not take it for granted. But in fact, many times when you control the "little sun" when you take a picture, the picture will immediately appear bigger.

What kind of way to take photos is very good. It has been a lot of students. I think if you really don't know how to shoot, you can use a nine-square grid in your cell phone to solve all problems. Probably the usage is to place the horizontal line on the second or third horizontal line, if the screen has prominent things, place it at the junction of the horizontal and vertical lines. very simple.

Tilting Composition: Enhancing the Sense of Picture

Of course, if the picture you want to take is more special, then I suggest you try another way of composition: When you feel that horizontal and vertical photos make you indifference to passion, then tilted composition can be the ultimate savior. One hundred test lark. Sometimes we do not need to understand why the oblique composition looks so special. In any case, as long as you feel that it can better express your photographic intentions, you should try to use it more.

Second, "zoom" and "subtraction"

The so-called advanced photography technique is to use the "artistic vision" to see ordinary things, meaning to use the unique mode function of the mobile phone to display the beauty of the photos. Before color photography is available, people can only use black and white to record photos. Although the times are not the same, we now look back at the black and white photographs, and we still feel that the retro taste is strong and very tall. However, not all photos can be used in black and white styles, and they cannot be used indiscriminately.

As you can see from the map above, there are usually scenes in the middle of the fish pond in many parks. If you use the normal color mode to show the picture, the impact of the photo won't come out. If you adjust the black-and-white mode, after removing all kinds of color disturbances, the photos you take will be very stylish.

In the same fish pond pool scene, because the mobile phone is wide-angle, it is very easy for the surrounding tourists to enter the mirror. This is the most unwilling thing we can not avoid. So when we used the cell phone to shoot, there was really no other way? no. Don't forget that we can also use zoom to achieve. To highlight the theme of photography, we should not want to enter the camera.

So, when something directly or indirectly affects your composition, you must take the initiative to eliminate it. Even if 2x zoom is enabled on the mobile phone, thanks to the high-resolution and high-resolution imaging performance, a very clear image can still be obtained after 2x zooming. This will be of great help to your shooting framing.

Photographic subtraction is the most used technique for most senior photographers. The idea is not to covet the amount of things on the screen. Sometimes "less" really means "good". When you think about it, most of the award-winning works of photography, the contents of the picture are very accurate and in place, and the extra things are absolutely unnecessary. This time also need to use more of the phone's zoom function.

Because the mobile phone is fixed in vision, it usually seeks angles that the naked eye will not find, and it uses more slanting training to make more use of slash-style composition methods. Use close shots as much as possible to make the natural depth of field highlight the layering of the photo. Shooting flowers, plants, etc., this trick is not uncomfortable.

The mobile phone has become more exciting than a digital camera because it has a graphic app. The phone's own filter can also add luster to the photo. For the convenience of everyone, I used the Windows 10 version of the butter camera. It's as easy to use as a mobile phone. For landscape or still life shooting, the method that I recommend most is to add a frame and add a line. Occasionally, a hidden corner, and occasionally a filter, it is difficult to think about it.

If you really don't know what words to add to your photos, think about your intentions in your photos. Collect more literary poems. Inspiration will come soon.

Third, "Portrait" and "HDR"

Most mobile phones nowadays have a “Portrait Mode”. Even if the blur doesn’t achieve the SLR effect, I think there’s a rough background that makes the photo look more professional. Portrait is a very esoteric topic, but we do not discuss too many "professional" things. We only say how cell phone photographs make good portraits. Let's use the characters from the Wax Museum as an example.

After the portrait mode is turned on, there will be a blurred background effect, but different mobile phone algorithms are different. If you think that the blur is not good enough, you should take a few more shots or change the angle. After making a good shot, add a filter to adjust the parameters. It's easy to get out of the blockbuster.

The blurring of the above figure shows the details of this picture. If you don't say it, people will really ask you which SLR camera you took and which camera you took.

In addition to the portrait mode, there are also HDR modes that can make your photos more attractive. HDR may have so far many people do not understand what it is, but you only need to know that, in the vast majority of the sunlight, strong and dark contrast, the role of HDR becomes very obvious.

Especially when you go to the scenic spot to see the beautiful scenery of the motherland, HDR can help you to restore the true features of the mountains and rivers.

If you have experienced photographic retouching, you will find that the HDR of a mobile phone is actually "pulling back into the dark and pressing down the highlight." I am accustomed to the use of an Apple mobile phone and I have almost no feeling for HDR because it is too weak. However, we can find that the HDR function of Android phones today can be so powerful that we have to admire.

Skill summary:

Mobile phone shooting and SLR photography actually have a lot in common. In the basic gameplay, the exposure composition and even the later methods are exactly the same. Mobile phone photography is good, mobile phone repair maps are good, now is a big trend, if you use the phone in your hand to take better pictures to record life, this technical stuff is endless, it is worth each Photography enthusiasts explore learning.