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The 9 things you must do before changing your mobile phone number or mobile number! Apr 19, 2018

The loss of mobile phones, the replacement of new mobile phones, and the replacement of new phone numbers for business needs are the most frequently encountered events in daily life. Today, mobile phones have become the most important “carrier” for personal privacy. A little inattentiveness can reveal important data and secrets.

We summarize the nine things that must be done to change the number of mobile phones and mobile phones. Have you done everything right?

Share it as follows. When you need to change your mobile phone or mobile phone number later, you can follow it. These include:

1, before the sale of old mobile phones need to be repeatedly formatted to delete or brush machine;

2. Unbinding of bank cards, credit cards, etc.;

3, Apple pay, Paypal payment account unbinding;

4. Unbinding social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Ins;

5. Unbinding changes to email accounts;

6. Unbinding of ticket booking websites;

7, member card information modification;

8, promptly destroy the SIM card;

9. The mobile phone number is cancelled in time.