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The causes and repair methods of Power bank battery loss energy Jan 19, 2018

Power bank lithium-ion battery has a design capacity, the data can be seen on the battery label, some in "mAh" said, such as "4400mAh", while others are "watt-hour" Said, such as "23Wh." This capacity value is the theoretical maximum battery capacity. With the use of the battery, the actual maximum capacity will be gradually reduced, while the reduction of this part of the capacity is the battery loss. Such as Power bank battery theoretical capacity is 4400mAh, after using for some time, the actual maximum capacity has now become 4200mAh, then the battery loss is (4400-4200) /4400*100%=4.5%. Below with the power management Xiaobian together to understand the relevant content.

Battery loss refers to the battery after a long time, the actual capacity becomes smaller, lower than the nominal capacity. Battery loss is commonly known as memory effect, but generally refers only to the memory effect of the Power bank computer.

Power bank Battery loss reasons

1, the battery itself is of poor quality

2, the use of low-quality charger

3, high temperature or low temperature environment for a long time

4, the use of batteries is connected to high-load peripherals, plug and unplug.

5, over charge and discharge (the battery to the remaining capacity of less than 3%). Circuits are protected, but occasionally happen.

6, not fully charge and discharge (did not run out and then recharge, but want to use it, want to charge on the charge)

7, the long-term use of electromagnetic radiation in the battery (will interfere with the battery conductivity of the metal)

8, long-term use of the battery in wet conditions (humid batteries will reduce the performance)

Power bank battery loss energy ,repair method

1, we can directly discharge the Power bank battery, and then reinstall it so that we can repair the Power bank battery, but the degree of repair is partial, can not be completed repair. First unplug the Power bank, stop charging, and then run out of the remaining power of the Power bank computer until it can not be turned on, and then connected to the power charging, so repeatedly charge 2 times or so, and then test Power bank battery loss level, we found that the degree of loss reduced.

2, of course, you can also Power Bank refresh program to restore the discharge time of the Power bank battery repair Power bank loss. Power bank's refresh program can be downloaded through the official website of the Power bank brand, and then press and hold F8 to enter the DOS system to perform battery refresh procedure. Refresh program execution is also done to the Power Bank loss played a certain role in the repair.

3, a lot of lithium battery failure is caused by the failure of a battery pack in the battery pack, this phenomenon can not be avoided. Because of the nature of batteries per cell can not be exactly the same, with some of the quality of a little after a long time began to deteriorate, and undermine the whole (after the series) of the discharge curve. Interested and capable readers can try to open the battery pack, with the help of the multimeter can quickly find the damaged batteries (voltage anomalies). If the conditions permit, according to the exchange of qualified batteries can correspond to the parameters.

The above is about power management -Power bank battery loss reasons and repair methods related to the introduction, if you want to know more about the information, please pay attention to, we will provide you with more complete, more detailed and updated information .