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The correct use method to choose a phone power bank Oct 16, 2017

As we are becoming more and more reliable on mobile phones, gradually phone power bank becomes a necessity for everyone. But do you use the phone power bank in the right way? Let me introduce for you.


1. Avoid contact with metal

When the phone power bank are put in the bad together with keys, nail clippers, and other metal objects, the small metal objects may accidentally insert into the USB output port, resulting in short circuit of the phone power bank. So when placed in the bag or pocket, phone power bank should be separated from metal objects.


2. Do not squeeze the phone power bank

When you are packing up the baggage and only to find that phone power bank has not put into the packed baggage yet. Then you just find a gap and squeeze it inside. In fact, squeezing the phone power bank in this way will lead to internal structure dislocation of the lithium battery, resulting in short circuit.


If the battery or circuit board is inferior, it may explode as well. Throwing and violent shaking to phone power bank is also the same, so we have to treat it gently.


3. Pay attention to the placing environment of the phone power bank

Placing in environment of which the temperature is too high or too low, will make the life of phone power bank greatly reduced, and may lead to explosion.


While we are taking a bath, we can not attach our mobile phone to the phone power bank to watch TV. When we are travelling, we can not expose the phone power bank to the sun in the long run as well.


4. Avoid overcharging

Many people have such a habit: charge the phone power bank at night and unplug the plug when wake up in the morning. In fact, it is better to unplug the plug and stop charging when the power indicator light is full.


In the case of full power, if we keep the phone power bank plugging in the socket and it happens to be inferior phone power bank, which cannot fully protect the process of charging and discharging, the electrolyte and other materials will let out gas when its overcharging. This would make the shell rupture, oxygen getting in and react with the lithium and thus cause an explosion.


5. Reserve 50% electricity when not in use

Sometimes we have no need to go travelling for a month or two so we do not need the phone power bank, and thus just throw it in the corner, not concerning about it at all.


In order to extend the life of the phone power bank, when it is not in use, it is better to retain 50% of the power storage, charging and discharging it monthly.


6. Use the rated charger

Many people think that as long as there is charger of which the interface can be inserted into and the phone power bank can be charged, we can make use of it. It is not true. Nowadays, part of the specification of tablet computer charger is greater than 5V / 1A, while most of the phone power banks maximize input specification is also 5V / 1A. Long-term use of tablet computer charger to charge for phone power bank, will cause the disability of charging for the phone power bank, and even cause a fire due to overload.


Therefore, we should use the charger whose rated output is in accordance with the phone power bank input specifications, better to use the original one.


While there are also some phone power bank whose input are about 5V / 2A in the market, for example, WST DP622A, a hot selling phone power bank of Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology LTD.CO. It can ensure the secure input and output, and can support any kinds of mobile phones.


7. Do not dismantle the phone power bank of yourself

The electrolyte in the phone power bank is strong alkaline, and would decompose once with water. When the electrolyte volatilizes and dissolve on the surface of the human body, it will let out lithium hydroxide, making human body uncomfortable, and may do damage to eyes with higher concentration.


In addition, when mixed with water, lithium battery electrolyte will quickly decompose and release heat, leading to an explosion. So if you are not an expert, do not dismantle the phone power bank because of curiosity or because you want to repair on your own.


8. Do not use bad phone power bank

Although the phone power bank turns color, deforms, weeps, and is easy to get hot, while is still able to be charged, we should immediately stop using. We seriously can not ignore the corrosiveness and flammability of the electrolyte.


As more and more people are using phone power bank, security has become an important factor for consumers’ choice.