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The reason why cell phone battery is aging Dec 07, 2017

There are many reasons for battery aging, first is the natural aging. Even if it is used normally, the lithium ions will be separated from the anode by themselves, gradually aging, but the aging speed is slower;

01 overcharge and over discharge 

In daily use, over charge and over battery discharge would accelerate the aging of lithium batteries. Now the phone usually has rectified voltage regulator design. When it is fully charged , the charger power supply will automatically disconnect the charging circuit, and the power cord would directly charge for the phone. If you do not use the original charger, it is very likely that it would not cut off the power in a timely manner, continuing to charge the fully-charged battery. It would speed up the lithium-ion falloff, damage the battery, causing the battery to age; and when the battery is depleted, the free-moving ions will also be trapped, dissipate the battery capacity.

02 temperature is too high / too low

Frequent discharge of the battery will release heat, at the actual use, it would cause too high temperature of the batter. So when we are playing big games or run other power-consuming programs, we need to be careful about heat releasing and control the program uptime. At the same time, if the temperature is too low, the lithium ion activity would be lower, the battery performance and charging performance is also greatly reduced. If we force to charger the battery, it will also affect the battery life. Therefore, in the cold environment, for mobile phones, laptops, drones and other equipment, we need to preheat the battery to reach a certain temperature before they can work properly.

03 The current is too high

When the battery is charging, too high current would do much damage to the battery and even cause short circuit, explosion, self-ignite and so on, the original product of the general manufacturers will have a charging protection circuit to control the battery charging current, in case the current is too large. While for some fake charger and universal charge, if we do not add the protection mechanism, the consequences are very serious.

In sum, fast charge will not damage the phone battery, so you can rest assured to use! To extend the battery life, you need to get rid of bad habits and select the regular charging equipment! While if your battery have broken down, you can choose to replace a new one. But it should be from good supplier. Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, for example. If we simply choose one from non-reliable manufacturer, there would be a hidden danger. In addition, you should ask professional people for the replacement, if it is irremovable battery. Anyway, for your safety, there are much to care in your daily use of the phone.