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The unknown side of Lithium battery capacity virtual mark Jan 08, 2018

This is a story behind the virtual battery capacity of the power bank! Virtual label is actually a false exaggeration, the original parameters of the amplifier (exaggerated) to attract the eye; then the battery behind the virtual mark What is the secret behind it, with this article Slowly revealed together.

1, what is the battery capacity virtual mark?

Battery capacity virtual mark is to enlarge or exaggerate the actual battery capacity parameters, the purpose is to attract the attention of consumers and can sell a good price.

Example A: Suppose a 18650 lithium battery battery capacity is actually 2200mAh, the manufacturer of the battery is identified as 5000mAh, then this is a virtual battery capacity phenomenon.

Example B: This article is titled "Unknown story behind the virtual battery capacity of rechargeable batteries!" If I wrote the title "new technology, single cell 18650 battery capacity exceeded 30000mAh", then this is to attract the eye, but not authenticity , Is illegal.

2, black heart manufacturers after the battery virtual mark capacity What are the benefits?

Mainly in order to "sell a good price."

Example C: Suppose a 3.7V 2000mAh lithium battery whose battery energy is 7.4Wh, its battery energy becomes 18.5Wh if its lithium battery is identified as 3.7V 5000mAh.

If per Wh for 2.5 yuan tax price, then the battery manufacturers will be able to sell 27.75 yuan more, which for black heart workshop battery factory profit is quite longing for.

Extension: Battery Energy = Battery Nominal Voltage X Battery Nominal Capacity.

3, those most easily imaginary?

The earliest appearance of virtual mark mobile phone battery from the cottage started, it is learned that the early popular cottage phone ringtones, the battery capacity at a glance are mostly 3500mAh above, at that time the capacity of the square aluminum battery 3500mAh should be very difficult to do Hard

At this time the virtual mark began Man Yan, such as mobile phone sd card virtual mark capacity, mobile phone memory virtual mark capacity, u disk virtual mark capacity, mobile power virtual mark capacity, in fact, the most easy to see should belong to the mobile power charging treasure virtual mark, and some trains There are many stalls around the station selling rechargeable treasure battery, and most of these rechargeable treasure volume is 10,000 MA, and the price is about 30 yuan, you can imagine.

4, how to identify the battery capacity virtual mark.

Pictured above the battery is 18650 7.4V-5200mAh, it can be clearly seen it is two 18650 batteries composed of lithium batteries, then why it is a virtual mark? Together to do a simple analysis is as follows:


A, if the two batteries in series then the voltage is 7.4V, this is no exception.

B, normal 18650 cell capacity to 2600mAh majority, parallel to 5200mAh also nothing unusual.

The key lies in the single 18650 batteries and no 5200mAh, including imports of Samsung batteries, Panasonic, Sony batteries, etc., I also consulted domestic 18650 batteries manufacturers, 18650 batteries maximum capacity before doing 3000mAh.

Extension of knowledge: This 18650 lithium battery nominal voltage is 3.7V, increase the voltage in series, increase the capacity in parallel.

Suppose the above figure with the cell capacity is 2600mAh, then the problem is coming.

If the above lithium battery pack 2 batteries in series, then its logo should be 7.4V 2600mAh.

If the above lithium battery pack 2 batteries in parallel, then its logo should be 3.7V 5200mAh.