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To extend the mobile phone battery life, there are always something you do not know! Nov 12, 2017

Almost every user is complaining about the mobile battery life of smart phones, yes, this may be a tragedy, because the battery technology has not been developed together with other technologies. Many users hope that the mobile phone battery can last till the night, but it seems that in most cases it’s difficult to achieve, no matter it’s Android or iPhone. So, how to extend cell battery life more effectively? I sum up a number of tips and tricks for you. I hope it can be helpful.

1. The smaller the screen is, the lower the brightness is, the more energy-saving it would be.

Why are so many users interested in Apple's forthcoming new 4-inch iPhone SE? One reason is that it has smaller screen, lower resolution, and more power-saving. In fact, the screen is the most power-consuming mobile phone accessory, so it's helpful to properly lower the brightness and set the auto-lock time to a minimum.

2. Avoid extreme temperature and try to play music locally.

Whether it is too cold or too hot, there is no benefits for lithium mobile batteries, so try not to use the phone in extreme conditions. It not only does harm to the mobile phone battery, but also other components of the cell phone. Whether using WIFI or 4G / 3G cellular data networks to listen to music online, it obviously consume more power, because the phone needs to handle more data. It consumes much mote power than playing local music, it’s the same for video. 

3. Find the most power-consuming application

Whether it is Android or iOS, you can find the most power-consuming applications in the mobile battery options in Settings. Of course, the power consumption of some applications is proportional to your use time. For example, chatting for a few hours with your QQ will naturally consume more power than other applications. To remind everyone, the infrequently use but very power-consuming applications are likely to be garbage application resident in the background. It’s better to uninstall it once discover.

4. Appropriately shut down the data connection and use mobile power

When you need to save cell phone power, especially for having longer calls, you can turn off WIFI, cellular data and GPS capabilities to reduce the standby power consumption of the phone. Ultimately, the way to get longer mobile battery life is to have external charging, so an easy-carry mobile power may be what you need. 

Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, a phone mobile battery and power bank manufacturer, is focusing on developing top quality products to meet different requirements of consumers from all around the world. WST products, mainly including DL, DP, WP series, have gained its own design patent which is build-in cable power banks. Fashion style and various capacities, it provide multiple choice for different consumers. All in all, to extend the mobile battery life, we should change our habits from now on.

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