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Topic | Phone and cell phone batteries all-in-one or apart? Oct 12, 2017

Recently, through the dismantling of the iPhone 8, the US well-known dismantling site found that the cell phone batteries capacity of iPhone 8 is only 6.96 watts/hour (about 1822 mAh). While the cell phone batteries capacity of iPhone 7 is 7.45 watts/hour (about 1960 mAh ). That is to say, the cell phone batteries capacity of the newly released iPhone 8 is even less than that of iPhone 7!


It is been complained for a long time that the cell phone batteries capacity of smart phones is too small. Most cell phone batteries capacity of the phone is about 3000 mAh. Although a small number of mobile phones can reach 4000 mAh or even more, as users become more and more dependent on the phone, the little power in the phone is not enough at all. Your mood would be greatly influence if you forget the charging cable or mobile power when you go out. So taking a power bank, such as our DP913 power bank, of which the capacity is 12000mah, you wont have to worry about using up the power in the phone any more for a whole day.


In that case, isnt it better to use a removable cell phone batteries for the phone? Why it have gradually disappeared these years? In fact, manufacturers also have their own considerations for choosing non-removable cell phone batteries (all in one), such as:


Makes a thinner mobile phone


Since the emergence of smart phones, mobile phones become smaller and smaller, thinner and thinner, which is also the trend. After all, nobody wants to going out with a heavy mobile phon. And in order to make the mobile phone thinner, the internal parts of the phone must be narrowed as possible, so cell phone batteries which takes much room have become the primary goal to be solved. Relative to the phone which uses removable cell phone batteries, with the same capacity, all-in-one mobile phone occupies less space than that of the built-in cell phone batteries one.


Improve the waterproof and dustproof effect


All in one mobile phone can make the phone more sealed, having better waterproof and dustproof effect. Even though we rarely use these functions, it is rather important at the key moment. And waterproof and dustproof is also a selling point, which manufacturers would not easily let go.


Improve the safety factor


Frequent disassembly of the cell phone batteries, in fact, also damage the internal hardware of the phone. When removing the cell phone batteries, the contact point of the cell phone batteries will be exposed to the air. After the long time it is rather easy to be oxidized, leading to the poor contacts and affecting the using experience. And if using a third party backup cell phone batteries, there will be security risks. It is difficult to identify the responsibility if damage appears. So it is rather important to choose reliable suppliers, for example, SHENZHEN WANSHUNTONG SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD COMPANY, who have been supplied for batteries for over 10 years.


In addition, for mobile phone manufacturers, there are two benefits for choosing non-removable cell phone batteries phone, on the one hand, it can increase the frequency of user purchase. Nowadays the quality of mobile phones is generally not bad, and if the cell phone batteries can be disassembled, once there are problem of the cell phone batteries, we can replace it with a new one and the phone can be used as usual. While non-removable cell phone batteries puts an end to this problem, to a certain extent, promoting the replacement needs of consumers. On the other hand, it can reduce production costs. Another backup cell phone batteries means extra cost, which manufacturers wants to avoid.


Many people like removable cell phone batteries because it has the following advantages:


Using a phone with removable cell phone batteries, we can always replace the cell phone batteries at any time. It is very inconvenient to take a micro cable and mobile power. However, there are some tiny power banks, such as our DL511 power bank, it is really tiny and thin. In addition, if the phone cell phone batteries gets aging, we can replace it, so as to improve the service life of the phone, and save the  maintenance costs.


"Which is better: all in one mobile phone or that with removable cell phone batteries?" it is a difficult to decide, but overall, although irremovable cell phone batteries brings about a lot of inconvenience to users, it still represents the direction of the development of smart phones. The best status of mobile phone development, is that the phone becomes thinner and has longer working time. If this consumption can be achieved in the future, users wont have to consider which way is better any more.