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Welfare or trap?Apple gives you 200GB iCloud space. Aug 28, 2018

Apple's iCloud cloud storage has always been something that users love and hate. Love is its complete ecosystem, storage, backup, and call are all available; hate is its ultra-small free capacity, Apple only provides users with 5GB of free storage space, and upgrade large-capacity backups are expensive or monthly . Recently, Apple launched a new iCloud policy, full of benefits mixed with consumer spending traps.

According to foreign media The Verge, Apple recently launched a new benefit for US users who have not registered for iCloud. New users can get free 200GB of iCloud storage space for a period of two months. After more than two months, Apple will follow each The monthly fee is $2.99.

Apple's strategy of using the first discount and then charging reflects the full consumption trap. As early as May of this year, Apple provided the "first month free trial" policy, which covers all of Apple's upgrade plans (50GB, 200GB, 2TB), and this free two-month recharge is more like the original policy. "upgrade". What should I do with more than 5GB of data after expiration? Does Apple have the suspicion of using data to force users to upgrade? These have always been debatable.

This policy is only for US users. Will other countries continue this activity to offer iCloud storage offers? The activities of iCloud have not been synchronized with the whole world all the time. Will there be the first synchronization this time?