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What are the configurations of Samsung Note 9 that everyone is concerned about? Jun 07, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Note9, a new generation of Samsung, has gradually surfaced, although the appearance may not be too far from Note 8, but the internal hardware can be upgraded to its flagship configuration.

It is said that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a maximum storage capacity of 8 + 512GB. In addition, it will continue to support MicroSD card expansion, so that it can bring a lot of movies to share with friends.


According to GeekBench's running data, this year's Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will also use Qualcomm + Samsung dual-processor sales. Selling Qualcomm 845 version in countries such as China, and selling Samsung Exynos 9810 processor version in other countries or regions,


Specific performance data can be seen in the following two figures, although the test data is somewhat different, but I believe that through the Samsung's own tuning, the experience of the last two versions of the experience will not be too far.


In terms of configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 uses a 6.38-inch 2K AMOLED screen with 6GB of RAM (up to 8GB) and has 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB versions. Samsung Note 9 also has a 3300mAh battery that supports QC4.0 fast charging. Although the camera parameters have not been cleared, how could a new generation of Android kings be worse?

Ps. It is rumored that Samsung Note 9 will be released ahead of schedule on July 29, and you want to keep up to date with WST.