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What happened to Motorola? May 02, 2018

Some of the mobile phone manufacturers may not be the same as Motorola, Motorola's brand name alone, after the acquisition of Lenovo from Motorola changed its name to Moto, renamed back to Motorola. In addition to the brand name, Motorola also changes frequently from brand positioning to product planning.

Just tossing and tossing away, Motorola failed to save itself, but it was increasingly far from the mainstream market. If you look at Nokia, it's arguably alive now. Why is it that today's Motorola has declined?

The moto Z series and now the moto Z2 series are indeed the spiritual sequels of Razr V3. They are extremely thin products and they are extremely superior in process design. However, they are flagships. Feelings are far beyond the flagship high price.

What's more, the cost of lightness is achieved by weakening the ontological function. The moto Z series body is indeed light and thin, but if you want to play a large number of functions, it is necessary to match the corresponding modules.

Is there a module of moto Z, or is it light and thin?

Modularity is beautiful, but now is not the time

The modular design was once called the next revolution in smart machines. It is undeniable that modular design will be the future trend. However, at this time point, is the modular design really a reasonable design?

From Google's Project Ara to LG G5, the modular design once delighted consumers. Consumers want to be able to grasp everything about the smart machine and extend the life of the device as much as possible. Modular design can not only achieve a complete upgrade of the smart machine, but also can achieve local reinforcement.

If you look at the actual effect, the Moto Mods Moto Mods is a functionally enhanced route, not so much a modular design as a functional enhancement component. This is different from the modular design of Project Ara. The modular design of Project Ara has failed in technology. Today's technology cannot achieve a stable replacement of modules, nor can it find a balance between cost and functionality.

Moto Mods failed more in the product itself. This does not mean that there is a problem with the product itself, but it is difficult to satisfy consumers regardless of the number of modules or the corresponding price. A thin electric module alone would sell for $79. If you want to buy all the modules, you have to pay $950. To be honest, this price is totally unattractive for the average consumer.

You know, when cost-effective mobile phones didn't come with headsets for cost, they were all complained by consumers for a long time. Nowadays consumers are required to pay an extra $110 for a speaker module that can get better sound out loud.

The biggest problem is still Motorola itself

Blind pricing ruined Moto Mods, but the changing market strategy may be the essence of Motorola's decline. Many people may not know that Motorola’s flagship product, the moto Z 2018, currently sells for $1,579. But moto Z 2018, in essence, is moto Z2. With the addition of a fast-charging battery module and Magic Electric Air Wireless Charging Backplane, plus a VIP Service Card and Motorola's 45th Anniversary Book, the price of $1,579 is given.

In fact, after Lenovo's acquisition, Motorola's series of moves are difficult for the market to understand. When Motorola returned to China, it was positioned as an independent high-end brand. At that time, Lenovo had Motorola and ZUK under it, and they had everything from high-end products to Internet products. However, afterwards, Lenovo accidentally cut ZUK and announced that Motorola returned to Lenovo as its high-end brand.

Perhaps this is why the moto Z 2018 will give a $1,579 mobile phone. After all, this is a brand that targets high-end brands.

But considering that Motorola not only has a moto Z 2018, but also has a moto Z2 play mid-range product, Motorola's positioning is not limited to high-end. Taking into account the huge difference between the moto Z 2018 and moto Z2 play, Lenovo's understanding of Motorola's layout and understanding of high-end products is indeed a mystery.

Although it has been mediocre in the domestic market, Motorola has always enjoyed great popularity overseas. Whether it is Moto E series or G series have a good sales. But in China, considering the current Motorola brand positioning, we can never see the two series of products.

As stated at the beginning of the article, Motorola can score extra points through emotions. From Motorola’s 45th Anniversary Booklet, which comes with moto Z 2018, we can see that Motorola has considered the feelings, but as we have said before, feeling this thing is to be close to the people.

Motorola, which was acquired by Lenovo, did not seem to be able to take advantage of its own brand. Instead, it was caught in a high-end dilemma and could not escape.

When summing up Nokia's decline, we often attributed the reason to the wrong choice of WP system, misplaced CEO and so on. But Nokia is essentially ruined by big corporate thinking. In the face of the feature machine that contributes huge profits every year, Nokia has not been able to make a decisive transition. This is also true of Motorola.

From Google to Lenovo, Motorola drifted all the way, but it did not recover the glory of the past. Today's Motorola, clutching the modular straw, can't break away and can't regress. Motorola is not without a chance. There are plenty of people who like the Motorola brand. But whether Motorola can find the right way in the future and whether it can control its own destiny, nobody can give an answer.