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What is a good companion for a smart door lock? Lithium iron battery! Sep 04, 2018

The term smart home is now, you may hear more or less talk about it. But looking at it 5 years ago, perhaps few people have heard of it.

But the concept of smart home originated very early. It can be traced back to 1984, but it is not universally popular because of many technical problems and cost issues.

Until recently, with the accelerated development of AI intelligence and the decline in daily use costs, smart homes have gradually entered our lives. Old sockets, lights, and stereos are being replaced by intelligent devices, and more and more families are replacing them with smarter locks that are more convenient and safer.

Intelligent door locks are improved on the basis of the traditional mechanical locks. Generally, different identification chips and circuits are embedded according to different functions, and the locks are more intelligent and simple in terms of user safety, identification and management.

Since there are circuits and chips in the lock, it must have a power source. Today's smart door locks are generally powered by a built-in battery. This type of power supply does not require additional wiring, it is very simple, and even if the home is out of power, it can still work, and there will be no door opening.

However, this method of power supply is not perfect. If you are using a carbon battery or an alkaline battery, there may be many unpleasant conditions, such as a battery that is not durable and the battery leaks.

Especially the battery leakage problem. The TV remote control that has not been used for a long time in the home has liquid on the surface of the battery. When this phenomenon occurs, the remote control is basically not usable.

Taking an alkaline dry battery as an example, most alkaline dry batteries use manganese dioxide as a positive electrode, zinc as a negative electrode, and potassium hydroxide as an electrolyte. Potassium hydroxide, which we learned in our chemistry class, is extremely alkaline and corrosive.

These corrosive liquids gradually corrode the functional components of the electronic product, causing damage to the electronic product. Not only a small TV remote control, but even if the smart door lock is corroded by the battery, it will be damaged.

More serious is that the solution splashes on the skin, there is a burning sensation; splashing into the eye, damage the cornea, and can cause deep tissue damage in the eye; if you take care of it orally, it will lead to death.

When the battery leaks, thousands of door locks are broken and you don't want to say it. If you are touched or accidentally eaten by children in your home, it is dangerous.

In order to prevent the danger of leakage, here is a new energy black technology battery, lithium iron battery.

Lithium-iron battery is the third generation of the fifth-generation battery brought by Chinese battery manufacturers. It is different from ordinary alkaline and carbon batteries in terms of materials. Lithium-iron battery is a new composite material applied to the fifth battery. There is no liquid liquid inside.

And the winding process is adopted in the production process. Compared with the traditional dry battery, including carbon battery and alkaline battery, the battery material is more excellent, the production process is more advanced, and thus will not leak like other batteries. Liquid, to prevent the harm caused by battery leakage, the safety of family members is guaranteed.

The capacity of lithium-iron battery is generally 3000mAh, which is more durable than ordinary batteries, which greatly reduces the frequency of battery replacement. Especially in the smart door lock which is troublesome to replace the battery, the use of lithium-iron battery will save us a lot of trouble. .

Lithium-iron batteries also have a variety of characteristics, first of all, the voltage is stable, and the explosive power is strong. Unlike alkaline and carbon batteries, there is a dilemma that there is no electric discharge. On the key equipment such as smart door locks, if you use unstable alkaline and carbon batteries, the door lock can't be opened, which brings pain. It is conceivable.