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What is the core technology of portable charger? Jul 18, 2018

Because the construction is extremely simple (consisting of the shell, the battery, the circuit board), the portable charger has always been considered a low-tech industry. Therefore, many people think that the threshold of the portable charger industry is not high, as long as there is money to do it. This makes the industry a mixed bag, filled with a variety of portable charger products, consumers are difficult to distinguish. However, the industry is always improving while competing. After a low level of price wars and hardware, it is bound to usher in a brand war. Brands began to look for their own way, and suddenly, the convenient charger technology became the focus of everyone's first appeal! Some brands say they are safe, some say they don't hurt the machine. The portable charger industry seems to suddenly become a high-tech industry. So what is the core technology of portable charger?

To figure out what is the core technology of portable charger, we must first understand what is the core technology. The so-called core technology must have an advanced concept and solve major industry problems. It is the top technology in the industry. Because of the top level, it is only owned by one or very few merchants. Core technologies are often developed through long-term research and are difficult to imitate and replicate. The core technology has truly improved the technical level of the industry and even led the industry into a new era.

We all know that different mobile phones, tablets, and laptops require different charging devices because of input interfaces, voltage, and current. Take a smartphone as an example. For those who do not have a mobile phone, the portable charger may not be universal. All can charge can be done, and all smartphones can be charged with only one portable charger. The same is true for tablets and laptops. When a charging device can be used universally, it breaks the limit. Personal charging power equipment has therefore entered a new era of openness and unboundedness.

At present, this technology, WST (Wanshuntong) has been implemented by SmartVOLT technology.


From the definition of core technology and the problems solved by All can charge, All can charge can be regarded as the core technology of the current portable charger industry.