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What is the service life of portable phone chargers? Oct 20, 2017

Portable phone chargers are indispensable for many people. But as its price is not very expensive,  many people do not take good care of their portable phone chargers in the use. In fact, the using habit of most people are wrong.

    Improper use will not only make your portable phone charger early scrapped, and may also explode! Today I want to explode the factors affect the life of the portable phone chargers.


1, Often charge the portable phone charger until the electricity quantity are completely consumed


The biggest factor affecting the life of the portable phone charger is the battery cell. There are  generally two kinds of battery cells in the market: 18650 lithium batteries and polymer lithium batteries.

    Just like the phone, portable phone charger also use lithium battery, of which the activity will become low when it runs low in power. The battery capacity will be reduced if you often exhaust the power completely. So it is better to charge the portable phone charger when there is just one last grid of power left.

    In addition, the life of a battery cell is usually 300-500 times. Take portable phone charger whose capacity is 10,000mAh as an example, according to the standard of 300 times of charging and discharging, and the charging frequency of an average once 3 days , it can use 900 days, less than 3 years.

    If used improperly, this time would be shortened. Of course, if the manufacturer use second-hand or inferior batteries, then the problem is not only the short life of the battery but the danger of explosion.

The using environment temperature is too low or too high

    Portable phone charger also has its proper using environment temperature, which is about 0-55 ° C. If the outside temperature is too low, it will make the battery become instable and lead to insufficient discharging. While high temperatures will shorten the life of the battery and circuit board, damage the battery and make some components age.

It’s best not to place the portable phone charger which is charging or discharging, on the car or backpack. In such place which is sealed or have high temperature, it is easy to cause local high temperature and lead to explosion. Be sure to choose such portable phone chargers which have protection functions including overcharge, over temperature, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and short circuit. For instance, WST DL515 from Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., LTD, under strict quality control, has gained favor among consumers.

Avoid discharging while charging

    It is best not to charge the portable phone charger while the portable phone charger is charging. This would lead to the high load of the circuit board, and produce high temperature in a short time, thus affecting the performance and safety of the portable phone charger.

    If the input value of the portable phone charger is 5V / 1A, and the output value is 5V / 2.1A, it is easy to greatly damage the internal parts of the portable phone charger.

PS: Do not arbitrarily disassemble the charge portable phone charger if you are not professional, because once the batteries is pierced, the oxygen gets in and react with the lithium atoms, it may lead to explosion.

 Not using in a long time


Charging Po if you would not use your portable phone charger in a long time, it would also consume part of the electricity, therefore you should charge 80% for it and put it in the dry place to avoid exposure to sunlight if you would not use it for a long time. Otherwise it will seriously affect its service life, and may become scrapped when its needed.

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