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When is AirPower's time to market? Apr 27, 2018

At the Apple conference in September last year, the wireless charging capabilities of the three new iPhones were confirmed. The official wireless charging board AirPower released at the conference attracted much attention. However, the official said at that time that it would wait until the 2018 listing and did not give any more. specific time. AirPower has a one-to-many charging function, and does not need to be in a fixed position when charging. It can also charge up to three compatible devices, such as the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Charging.

AirPower will not support non-Apple devices

7.5W power is not the same as mainstream Qi wireless charger parameters in the market; even if Apple openly supports Qi standard, non-Apple certified accessories charge power is only about 5W; need to enjoy 7.5W wireless fast charge, can only purchase The AirPower, which is priced at a thousand dollars, or a certified accessory from Belkin and Mophie can also provide 7.5W fast charge.

iOS 11.2 upgrade supports compatible third-party accessories for 7.5W wireless fast charge

On December 2 last year, Apple officially released an iOS 11.2 official version of the system update, officially released 7.5W wireless fast charge. We were pleasantly surprised to find out in the iOS 11.2 official version update log that the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X can be wirelessly charged via compatible third-party accessories. Follow-up after a number of engineers confirmed that in addition to the use of Apple's official recommended mophie,belkin wireless charger can support 7.5W wireless fast charge, many third-party wireless charger also supports 7.5W wireless fast charge.

Apple AirPower and AirPods wireless charging boxes are expected to ship in March

In early February of this year, there was a rumor that Apple will ship AirPower wireless charging pads and AirPods wireless charging boxes from March. And these two highly anticipated accessories were introduced during the September conference last September. Apple Post quoted an informant from Best Buy as saying that the big chain of retailers and authorized Apple dealers will open AirPower wireless charging panels and AirPods wireless charging kits on the same day next month. This news confirmed the rumors and gave more precise time.

Heating issues delay the listing of AirPower

AirPower has been released for more than half a year and has not yet been listed. This situation is indeed unusual. The industry has speculated that Apple may encounter some technical bottlenecks, after all, the market has never had a similar product. As for the exact reason for the postponement, it should be a matter of fever. It is precisely this issue that plagued Apple, leading to the failure of its products to pass relevant tests. AirPower’s time to market has been delayed and it is tentatively expected to postpone it until May or June.