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Where is the future of artificial intelligence(AI)? Aug 27, 2018

Artificial intelligence may have become the key technology to dominate the development of the whole society in the future. When it comes to artificial intelligence, we can always associate it with many movies, such as Star Wars, Terminator, Space Roaming, etc. Movies are fictitious, and those movies inside. The role is also fictitious, so this gives us an illusion that the artificial intelligence technology is also lacking in realism.

In fact, artificial intelligence is a very broad topic. From the various applications of mobile phones in our hands to unmanned cars, to major changes in the future of large-scale manufacturing, artificial intelligence can be used to describe many contents. Artificial intelligence is a science and a scientific research that makes machines more intelligent. The main research method is how to make machines become like humans and have the ability to solve certain problems.

Let’s first explain what artificial intelligence is.

First of all, as human beings, the way we think about thinking about history and thinking about problems is often linear. That is to say, when we consider the changes in the next 35 years, we often refer to what happened in the past 35 years. When we think about any changes that the 21 world can make, we will refer to many phenomena of the 20th century. Our linear thinking is instinct, but if a smart person is thinking about the future development of the next 35 years, I will not refer to the past, but will see the current development speed and development details, so that the future development may be more precise.

Secondly, we usually judge and generate our own worldview through our own experience in the process of looking at problems and things, and the experience of this kind of thing engraves the speed of development in our minds, let us understand development. It is such a speed and situation that we will constantly adjust the future development of things.

The above two paragraphs actually explain why artificial intelligence will appear in our life. In fact, for humans, we need another intelligent "brain" that can replace our thinking patterns and methods to help us complete what we should have. A lot of work to be done. From this point of view, artificial intelligence is indeed a very broad topic. Don’t think of robots when it comes to artificial intelligence. This view is narrow. Robots can only be said to be artificial intelligence. Just the container, the robot sometimes looks like the human appearance, sometimes it is not, artificial intelligence itself is just a high-intensity computer.

For a very simple example, Siri relies on powerful software and data centers to provide users with very convenient artificial intelligence technology and services. What Siri said is the embodiment of artificial intelligence, but it does not have the appearance of a robot. Carrier, which is a good illustration of the narrow sense of artificial intelligence that we mentioned earlier.

For artificial intelligence, it is roughly divided into three categories, namely weak artificial intelligence, strong artificial intelligence and super artificial intelligence. This is also the classification of artificial intelligence categories that the industry generally considers to be more authoritative and comprehensive.

The so-called weak artificial intelligence refers to artificial intelligence that is good at a single aspect. For example, Google’s “Alpha Dog” defeated the whole process of Korean Go, Li Shishi, in the past. In weak artificial intelligence, the machine only played chess, if you want to ask it. How to better store data in the hard disk for better response to a stronger opponent next time, it may not know how to answer you, which is weak artificial intelligence, but also relatively junior The application of artificial intelligence technology, most of the current artificial intelligence vendors are in this stage.

Next is strong artificial intelligence, which is also called "human level" artificial intelligence. Strong artificial intelligence can be compared with human beings in all aspects. As long as it is human capable brain activity, artificial intelligence technology can be realized. Strong artificial intelligence is much more difficult than weak artificial intelligence machines. Most artificial intelligence companies can't do it now. For strong artificial intelligence, it is more like a broad mental ability, that is, the machine can carry out A series of tasks and steps, such as thinking, planning, problem solving, abstract thinking, and understanding complex concepts, machines can master new ideas and skills through rapid learning and learning from experience.

Super-AI is able to make machines smarter and smarter than humans in almost all areas. It includes scientific innovation, general knowledge and social skills. Super artificial intelligence is stronger than humans in all aspects, which is why the artificial intelligence technology field is so hot.

At present, we have mastered a series of applications of weak artificial intelligence. In our lives, weak artificial intelligence is everywhere. The artificial intelligence revolution begins with weak artificial intelligence. Through strong artificial intelligence, people can reach super. The journey of artificial intelligence.

We are in the "weak artificial intelligence" stage

For artificial intelligence, while we are amazed at the changes and improvements in our work and life, there is another view that artificial intelligence is likely to rule the world in the future, and human beings will be arbitrarily controlled by it. Of course, for the weak artificial intelligence stage we are in now, it is not that the code is not written or the code is wrong, resulting in power outages, crashes and other accidents.

Even so, we still have to be alert to the ecological hazards brought about by artificial intelligence. Every weak artificial intelligence innovation, the future may be to add to the road to strong artificial intelligence and super artificial intelligence.

Mentioned the current application of the artificial intelligence stage in our application, such as foreign Google, domestic Baidu, Shang Tang and many other companies are engaged in the field of artificial intelligence segmentation. Of course, these are all examples of weak artificial intelligence applications.

For example, in Google, Google internally hatches products that have many opportunities for artificial intelligence applications, such as image recognition and search, real-time translation of languages, automatic readback of mail, and attempts to make products and services through artificial intelligence. Let us see the enthusiasm for artificial intelligence technology in the current enterprise circle. According to statistics, more than 12% of the emails sent by Gmail are automatically grayscale based on suggestions from the machine learning system. This feature is even more popular than Google's own expectations.

Of course, auto-reply mail is just the tip of the iceberg of many artificial intelligence applications. By building its own open source technology alliance and community, Google has attracted more top engineers and technicians from around the world to promote the rapid landing of artificial intelligence technology in a code-sharing manner. It is understood that the opening of such technology is divided into two parts, one is to open up the development of intelligent software to the outside world, and the second is to open the entire infrastructure of artificial intelligence.

At the software level, Google is free to open the external open source software package TensorFlow, and its own senior technical team is constantly improving and expanding, so that in this package, Google not only provides the source code, but also provides free Examples of educational training materials and machine learning systems built on TensorFlow are the root causes of Google's continued innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

In the eyes of many technologists, no matter how the future of artificial intelligence will develop, it will be built around people's needs, and can better cooperate with people to accomplish different tasks. As the leader of artificial intelligence, Google has begun to design and develop artificial intelligence customized acceleration chips, which can greatly promote the practical application of artificial intelligence technology in many industries.

       With the rapid iteration of the market and technology, artificial intelligence has ushered in the climax of rapid development. Through unimaginable power, artificial intelligence will not only be at the level of life and work, but also at the national strategic planning level. Important boosting role, the world is rapidly developing the development capabilities of commercial applications, artificial intelligence will become a huge market after the Internet and another application, with its rich application scenarios and a large user base to support a new technology "Blue sky", so that WST goes further.