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Why bite, the battery will explode? May 23, 2018

As we all know, there are many kinds of batteries, but not every kind of explosion will occur due to extrusion or puncture. The battery that causes the explosion in the news bite should be a liquid lithium-ion battery. According to the news description, it is estimated that it is a copycat machine. The possibility is even greater.

Liquid lithium-ion batteries, as the name implies, use a liquid electrolyte. The positive and negative electrodes of the battery are separated by a separator to prevent direct contact between the positive and negative electrodes. But in the news, men's behavior may bite through the diaphragm, causing a short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes, which in turn generates heat and generates a large amount of gas, and the battery will begin to expand.

To know that the liquid electrolyte inside the battery is very lively, it is easy to burn up, the teeth pierce the shell, the electrolyte is in contact with the air at high temperatures, light smoke is ignited and sparks are emitted, while heavy will actually burn. Even if it is a relatively safe lithium polymer battery, it is still very dangerous after the puncture, so nothing to take a sharp object lithium battery. Of course, other batteries should also be avoided.

What are the silly operations for the battery?

There are many types of batteries that are common in our lives. Among them, primary batteries (ie, that cannot be charged) include carbon batteries and alkaline batteries, and secondary batteries include nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, and lithium batteries.

Primary battery (non-rechargeable)

For primary batteries, although they don't have to explode when they are worn, the electrolyte potassium hydroxide in alkaline batteries (zinc-manganese batteries) is strongly alkaline and may cause burns when touched.

In addition, before everyone used a carbon battery without electricity, biting teeth, rejection, drying a sun, and then the battery will have some residual electricity method, is not suitable for use in common alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, So, when the battery is used up, it should not be tossed.

Finally, once the battery is not rechargeable, this is not a problem that cannot be filled. It is dangerous to charge a battery. For example, an alkaline battery is prone to short-circuit during charging, causing the battery to overheat or cause leakage. Do not try and store the battery carefully.

Secondary battery (rechargeable)

Compared to primary batteries, secondary batteries are still more dangerous. When using them, they must be careful not to be stupid. For example, the defiant bite of the above person, or the piercing of the battery, squeezing the battery, causing deformation, exposure, and overcharge. Over-release, etc., are unscientific.

If you encounter a battery bulge in a mobile device, don't try to remove or repair it yourself, and don't puncture the battery to outsource it to an experienced person. Although the current mainstream lithium battery has no memory, with the use of charge, but still have to guard against overcharge and over discharge, do not charge when you sleep.

In summary, regardless of the type of battery and whether there is a risk of explosion, WST recommends that you pay attention to the protection of the battery components when using mobile devices. However, the daily used dry batteries must also check whether the housing is in good condition before use. And places that preschoolers can get.