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Why can’t power bank 5000mah be consigned in the suitcase? Oct 10, 2017

Summer vacation is approaching, you must can not wait to plan for a summer vacation! It is said that how to take a holiday depends on ones income. Ha, I do hope that all of us can go to the Antarctic to see penguins.

    Any experienced people know that generally the most important thing, when we are packaging the suitcase, is mobile phone, wallet and passport. Everything else isnt that important. The power consumption and cell traffic of the smart phone nowadays runs quite fast so that having the power bank 5000mah to charge the mobile phone is also necessary while going out.

    But do you know that power bank 5000mah can not be consigned in the suitcase!

    Why taking the power bank 5000mah is necessary when taking the plane?

    "The reason is pressure!"

    General civil aircrafts fly at height of around 30000-40000 inches, at which the pressure is not enough to keep people breathing. Therefore, the aircraft cabin must be pressurized to the same pressure as the ground environment in order to keep people breathing smoothly to maintain normal physiological function.

    However, the aircraft’s cargo compartment is mainly used to place luggage, so it would not be pressurized. However, the reduction of pressure might cause the expansion of battery and lead to the explosion eventually.

    Therefore, considering the safety of the flight, passengers must take the power bank 5000mah together in the cabin. In this way, accidents can be avoided under normal pressure.

What would happen if the power bank 5000mah is place in the cargo compartment? Lets see the following experiment. 


1. Pick several daily batteries as samples

Come to the Germany TÜV Rheinland battery laboratory.


2. Negative pressure environment test

Make the inside atmosphere pressure smaller than the external environment.


3. Place for 6 continuous hours

Place the battery inside and simulate the situation that the battery are consigned in the cargo compartment under the pressure of the atmosphere.


4. The battery begins to expand after a period of time

Expansion does not mean unqualified, as there are other elements that might lead to this result.


5. At the end of the experiment

The battery will expand to the state that shows in the following picture. It is unqualified as tested.


We can imagine how serious it would be if the unsafe or untested battery or power bank 5000mah are placed in the cargo compartment and explode due to the expansion caused by quality problem.

    This is the reason why the travel expert would ask you not to put the bottle or jar inside the registered luggage. These bottles would easily get cracked under the circumstance of pressure loss and cause the outflow of liquid all around the luggage, and if worse, it might completely explode and make the flight become dangerous!