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Why cell phone anti-blue film yellowing? Apr 20, 2018

      Many people have reported that the phone has a yellowish anti-Blu-ray film. This is normal. Anti-Blu-ray film itself is an optical film material. Before understanding why anti-Blu-ray film is yellowing, it is necessary for science to incorporate the concept of optics - complementary colors.

      The color of matter is related to the absorption, transmission, and reflection of light. The nature and form of matter are different. The absorption and transmission of light are different. The material thus presents different colors. The material selectively absorbs some of the white light. At a wavelength of light, it appears to be complementary to that color, which is the color that people perceive. Therefore, when two colors of light are mixed in an appropriate proportion to produce a white feeling in the optical system, the two colors are called "complementary colors." For example, the same amount of red light + green light = yellow light, complementary to blue light.

       Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the anti-Blu-ray film is yellowed. There are two explanations as follows:

       Explanation 1: According to the principle of color development, the anti-blue film absorbs blue light, so it exhibits its complementary color - yellow

       Explanation 2: According to the color rendering principle of RGB, blue light is blocked, red light and green light are transmitted, and the red and green colors are yellow.

       Blu-ray anti-yellow film is only on a white background, but also looks blue on a black background? According to the principle of color development of an object: the object that can absorb all the light is black, and the object that can reflect all the light is white. When the anti-light blue film is on a white background, the film shows that the transmitted light is yellow; when the anti-light blue film is on a black background, the film shows that the reflected light is blue light.

      After understanding the principle of anti-blue light film, personal experience proved to be the same, if it is on a white mobile phone will be a bit yellowish. After the anti-blue film blocks the blue light in the spectrum, the white part of the screen of the mobile phone will become warm to the naked eye. If it is said that this will affect the appearance, in fact, it is not enough. There is nothing in the world that is perfect, and there is something missing. Compared with the health of the eyes, this is totally acceptable! One thing to note is that the anti-Blu-ray film itself is still high-definition transparent, and the most intuitive way to identify it is to look at it from a 30-degree angle. The color we see is the result of its interference reflection process on light.