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Why cell phone battery 20% warning May 23, 2018

In daily life, everyone may have encountered the following situation:


Some people may say that the battery is going to be dead.

The following questions may not always be answered by anyone.

Why is charging reminded when the battery power is below 20%?

Why cell phones and tablet batteries are becoming less and less durable?

How many secrets are hidden behind a tiny battery?

1. What is the working principle of the battery?

According to Wang Bangping, in modern technology, batteries refer to chemical systems that can provide electrical energy and are portable and independent.

The battery can be divided into primary battery and secondary battery:

A battery is also called a non-rechargeable battery. It performs a chemical reaction in the battery, converts chemical energy into electrical energy, and causes a permanent, irreversible change in the battery when a battery is discharged.

The secondary battery is also called a rechargeable battery. It uses the reversibility of the chemical reaction to convert the chemical reaction into electrical energy. When the battery is depleted, it can be charged by the charger and undergo a chemical reaction again. Most of the commonly used electronic products today are secondary batteries.

2. Why is the use of cell phone batteries more durable?

Zhou Hongzhi introduced that the batteries in mobile phones and other electronic products we currently use belong to the category of chemical batteries. After repeated use, the electrolytes in the batteries will react with each other and a layer of bluntness will appear on the surface of the metal plates. The layer, the passivation layer will prevent the generation and passage of current, so that the battery's internal resistance increases, the battery can provide the power will drop, resulting in the battery capacity slowly decay, resulting in the battery is more and more durable phenomenon.

Taking a mobile phone battery as an example, the service life of a mobile phone battery is related to the type of the battery and the number of times of charging, the electrical energy in the battery is converted into chemical energy, and the number of reversible reactions converted from chemical energy into electrical energy is limited.

The end of the battery life, the longer the time for each reversible reaction, the longer the charging time, and the less durable the battery.

3, battery 20% battery power alarm is...

Of course, it is to protect the battery!

WST's 20-year manufacturer's experience, the use of different batteries is not the same, and now more used in electronic products is lithium batteries, and everyone in the use of lithium batteries, it is best not to exhaust the battery power recharge, This will reduce the battery's chemical activity and shorten the battery life.

When using electronic products at ordinary times, it should generally be charged when there are more than 30% of the power of electronic products. This is a method to extend the battery life cycle more effectively.

In addition, to extend the battery life cycle, you can also refer to the following ways:

1. The number of charging cycles is closely related to battery life. You can use some auxiliary software to manage the battery or extend the battery life with multiple, minute charging methods.

2. Use the original charger and data cable as much as possible, or use a charging device that matches the original charger and data cable at the output power.

3, to avoid the battery temperature is too high. For example, when the body of an electronic product such as a mobile phone or a tablet computer is overheated, the battery in the electronic product will be rapidly wasted whether it is used or not.

See charging instructions later, we must pay attention!

If the battery is old, select WST replacement phone batteries.