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Why does the mobile phone's power decrease when using the car charger? May 18, 2018

Many people are accustomed to playing with mobile phones. It can be said that they are not separated from their hands. The moment the driver was connected to the traffic light, he couldn't help but play the mobile phone.

During the use of the vehicle, more and more drivers were gradually discovered and they were charged while driving the car. There is a car friendly, will this increase fuel consumption?

On this issue, I believe that many car owners want to understand, then take a look at the driving charge?

According to Bloomberg News, charging a mobile phone while driving is not only a waste of resources, but also causes serious environmental pollution. It is estimated that in the United States alone, charging a mobile phone while driving will generate an additional 970,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which will waste an additional $200 million in gasoline.

This is because when the phone is charging, each USB port will reduce the mileage per gallon of gasoline (about 3.8 liters) by 0.03 miles (about 0.48 kilometers).

That being said, this oil is also being consumed by the mobile phone!

There is a rider response, how can the phone charge in the car charge it? And found that his mobile phone was too hot.

First, regardless of the interface, directly use the USB interface

The USB interface in the car is set for audio data transmission. The current of this interface is only 5V/0.5A. If the current and voltage are not up to standard, not only the charging time will be longer, but also the mobile phone will become very hot and it will make the phone Damaged.

At present, many vehicles provide USB interfaces that are compatible with mobile devices such as mobile phones. Most of these interfaces are located in the armrest box and under the exhaust air outlet, and have current identification, which can be used to charge the mobile phone.

It should be reminded that riders using on-board chargers should not try to buy cheap car chargers. They should choose products with overload protection. Products with output currents of more than 1 ampere have occasional instances of low-quality car charging and burning vehicles. 

Also, do not use high-power car chargers or inverters to charge the phone for a long time. This will increase the burden on the generator and shorten the on-board battery life.

During the driving process, pay close attention to the state of the car battery and generator. For example, if the battery symbol on the dashboard is always on, do not open it. This may cause the vehicle to suddenly lose power, turn off the engine, and lose control of the vehicle.